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Newsletter ~ October 2022

Hello dear ones! 😊

It's nice to arrive at a new stage of the year. The transition from summer to autumn is just behind us and much has moved in the bright, warm, outwardly striving season. Now the movement is more inward again ~ nature is slowly drawing its forces and juices back into the earth, it is getting darker, the air is getting cooler and clearer. The first birds form up for their journey south and nature once again pours out winter supplies from her cornucopia.

This time invites us to reflect on the gifts we have received during the warm season. To prepare ourselves for a time of more peace and quiet. To focus our energies within ourselves and withdraw into our inner selves. A time when seeds rest in the earth to prepare for their later germination and growth.

With these natural inner and outer cycles we are in deep connection with our work at Earth Prayers. Projects that are born in the hearts of people, are allowed to germinate and grow in their rhythm. There are waves of nourishment and abundance and waves of stagnation where seemingly nothing much happens and where much trust is needed.

It is a beautiful task for us as a community to send waves of abundance and nourishment to support the projects in their flourishing. May they create many fruits and seeds for further good in the world and contribute to abundance for us all. I feel deep THANKFULNESS ❤️


And here they are, our October projects that could use support to grow!

🌞 3-9 Oct * Sustainable Agriculture * Vandana Shiva ~ India ❤️

Vandana Shiva has been working tirelessly for her NGO "Navdanya" for almost 30 years. Philipp visited the project for 2 weeks during a trip to India and was deeply impressed by the work of this woman. Shortly before that, he had the inspiration for Earth Prayers during a Vipassana retreat on the same trip! Thus, "Navdanya" became one of the first supported Earth Prayers projects in February 2019 ❤️

We have often told you about the pioneering work of the NGO around free seeds and the support of Indian small farmers on their way to independence from large corporations.

Those who are completely new to the newsletter can learn more about it here on our website:

0-16 Oct * Nature & Culture * Peninah Lesorogol / Samburu ~ Kenya ❤️

We have also been wholeheartedly supporting Peninah's commitment to her Samburu people for some time now. Peninah has been living in Graz for several years and is in direct contact with us about what is happening in her African home village. After supporting the establishment of an online shop for the remarkable handicrafts of the Samburu women, we are now primarily dedicated to the agriculture of the Samburu. You can read more on our website 🙂

🌞 17-23 Oct * The Empowered Woman * Ruruchay, House of Births ~ Peru ❤️

And yet another heroine of our time joins our October projects with her vision <3In the "Sacred Valley of the Incas", in the Andes of Peru, Ruro is realising the construction of a village with 7 birth houses where indigenous women can give birth to their children in a natural, loving atmosphere. Traditional midwives and dhoulas will accompany the women in labour with all their wisdom and also pass on their knowledge to women from all over the world.

The construction of the village started at the end of April and the progress is impressive 😊 We are very happy about this!

"When we attend births naturally, we do nothing but trust nature and the woman's body."

Together, let's continue to contribute to making a lasting difference and deeply enriching the lives of many families through Ruro's vision! We all know how important the birth process is for the future of our children and how valuable the ancient knowledge about it is.

A big thank you to Ruro and all the contributors ❤️

🌞 24-30 Oct * Unfolding for Children * Choir & Orchestra ~ Peru ❤️

This month we would like to send good food again to the children's and youth orchestra in Urubamba for their ongoing music lessons.

The healing power of singing and making music is to be made accessible to as many children there as possible. The initiators of this wonderful project work tirelessly to make it possible for the children to learn instruments and to be part of the choir and orchestra.

Thank you for this great project, that we have met and are allowed to work together ☺️

🌞 31.10.-6.11. * Holistic Health * Maria Nava / Birth Centre ~ Venezuela ❤️

María Nava specifically accompanies women who have few financial means to give birth to their babies. In order to be able to offer the women a comfortable, protected space for this, she is asking us for further support in completing a birth centre with a pool for water births!

About 900 Euros are needed for the construction of a room and another 300 Euros for the pool. In our first appeal in August, we were already able to collect 313 Euros for María.

The following lines reached us recently ❤️

"Thank you for your solidarity with our peoples, especially with Venezuela, where we are building day by day with love and working to move our country forward. God bless you and may these blessings multiply. Infinite gratitude to Earth Prayers!"

María was full of joy when she found out that we were once again making her project the project of the week! ❤️


So, and now may I present to you the figures from September ❤️ THAT'S what we did together!!! 😄

A big THANK YOU to you for being there and supporting us! For the great waves of abundance!


We wish you wonderful autumn time ~ enjoying the colourful leaves, the fruits of this year and a cosy going inside ❤️

All the love,

Sandra Shalamun & Katrin

for the Earth Prayers Team


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