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Earth Prayers Letter * July 2023

My dear ones! 😄

The joyful vibrations of last evening are still lingering ❤️ Some of us Earth Prayers women gathered for a fun get-together. Each of us brought something delicious to eat, and once again, we indulged in hearty feasting and laughter. We reminisced about the early years when our project was still called "Earth Dinner," and our gatherings were marked by skipping a dinner together. We would fast as a group and donate the money saved to the weekly project. It was a beautiful gesture to create awareness of the abundance in which we live.

Over time, our gatherings have transformed into feasts, enjoying and exchanging delicious recipes ;-) Two years ago, during this nourishing and warm time of summer, it became clear that a change was calling for us.

We no longer want to give out of deprivation but out of overflowing abundance! Out of the awareness and gratitude for the privilege of living the way we do. Being so well provided for with food and opportunities. Delighting in the abundance of culinary delights. With a deep wish that all beings on Earth are well-nourished.

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 3.7.-9.7. * Holistic Health * Manuela, Nutritiva Intuitiva ~ Venezuela ❤️

Manuela Aríza needs support for her production of valuable plant-based products! With great passion, she processes medicinal plants into valuable natural medicine and natural cosmetics, such as soaps, healing balms, natural deodorants, and tinctures.

She and her husband, Alí, live near Mérida with their four children, where they have purchased their own piece of land. In February 2022, we were able to support her in purchasing an electric mill.

She named her project "Nutritiva Intuitiva" and dedicates herself to the traditional healing knowledge of her ancestors. They received many medicinal plants from the elders in their community, which they now cultivate and propagate. Growing their own plants is an important step towards independence in sourcing raw materials. As the next step, Manuela wants to acquire a distillation device to extract essential oils and hydrosols from the plants themselves.

We want to support Manuela in purchasing all the necessary equipment she needs to start distilling!

Through her work, Manuela can secure an economic income for her family. However, she also wants to make her own unique contribution.

"For me, it means seeking, feeling, and living the knowledge of my ancestors. It encompasses healthy nutrition, natural medicine, sowing, raising our children, and living a simple and practical life. This is what I want to express and share with all the women who are searching. I am currently organizing workshops with mothers, and they are very enthusiastic after seeing what I do here. All of this is meant to enrich, heal, alleviate, and be shared with all those who want to shape their lives in alternative and natural ways."

You can find more information here:

Thank you video from Manuela from March 2023:

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 10.7.-16.7. * Heart's Desires * Porridge Project ~ Kenya ❤️

Vuka daraja na jirani (Cross the bridge ~ Neighbors Initiative)

The deeply touching heart project of Lochuch Ngoo still needs support! This man has taken on the task of cooking huge pots of porridge every day for children and elderly members of pastoralist families. After years of drought, there was a severe famine in his area.

His vision is to ensure sustainable food security, such as through the cultivation of fruit trees. However, this requires significant financial support as the water supply system is costly.

What we can do now:

Lochuch Ngoo is asking for support with food, clothing, and school supplies for children, as well as meals for the elderly who cannot afford the high cost of food.

"I thank you, Earth Prayers, so much for the initial support, and I have faith in the support of today. I will always walk with you and work hard for this support. Thank you so much!"

Let's help together!

Here are more touching impressions that once again make me profoundly humble in the face of life:

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 17.7.-23.7. * Free Seeds * Peninah ~ Kenya ❤️

We are deeply delighted to continue supporting the remarkable work of Peninah Lesorogol for several years and to accompany all the great strides of her people!

We want to send her another wave of support to nurture agriculture, food security, and the empowerment of Samburu women!

You can find all further information here:


🌞 24.7.-30.7. * Sustainable Agriculture * Michael Edan ~ Kenya ❤️

Equally impressive is Michael Edan's work for his Turkana people.

Coming from very poor conditions, a scholarship allowed him to study IT. However, he decided not to stay in the city but to return to his village to be there for his family and tribe. He initiated an agriculture and water supply project and continues to expand it, aiming to provide sustainable support for as many people as possible.

Currently, Michael wants to establish a water kiosk. A 10,000-liter water tank will be built on top of a 2-meter-high hut, enabling other farms to receive gravity-fed water for irrigation. This would support an additional 20 households in self-sufficiency. The kiosk will also serve as a storage facility for farm equipment and as a collection point for marketing and selling the products.

Approximately 3400 euros are needed for the construction. This is the current project for which we would like to continue fundraising to make it possible!

Let's help together! ❤️


🌞 31.7.-6.8. * Nature & Culture * Selva Carolina ~ Colombia ❤️

We believe in the importance of our ancestral spiritual heritage. In the powers of nature and its elements. We believe that they flow through us, connect us, support us, and guide us. They make us feel our own inherent powers and our connection as part of nature.

That is why we are particularly pleased that a project from the realm of spiritual and ritual work has found its way to us once again.

"Good morning, Earth Prayers family. I am Selva Carolina, born in Colombia and 42 years old. For years, I have been traveling through South America, gradually discovering more of our indigenous cultures. I am a seed bearer of water, an ambassador in connection with the earth, accompanied by the prayers of our ancestors."

Selva Carolina has embarked on a journey to Patagonia, where she conducts rituals in various locations. She believes that just as we can sow seeds, we can also sow water.

"My intention is to bring the prayer of water seeding and convey a message of consciousness of brotherhood for the new humanity. In the fire, I see the Sacred Masculine, representing the energy of the Creator Father, the Sun Father. In the water, I see the Sacred Feminine, representing Mother Earth, Mother Water. With the intention of water being reborn and life flourishing, we sow seeds of water, light, love, and healing consciousness for this Earth and humanity. As one and in balance."

Selva Carolina plans to begin her journey in the Putumayo Jungle in Colombia and then continue to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (to reach the Land of Fire in Patagonia), and finally return to Colombia.

"I heard about you through the sisters you supported in going to the Moondance. I felt the need to write to you because my service is not profit-oriented, and I want it to reach all brothers and sisters who feel the call. I thank Earth Prayers for the attention and support of this project, which is growing and taking root in connection and unity. Infinite gratitude."

We also say THANK YOU!



THANK YOU for our shared journey!

We wish you a wonderful and nourishing summer!

Sending lots of love ❤️

Sandra & the Earth Prayers Team


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