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Earth Prayers Letter * February 2024

My dear ones! 😊

I would like to open this letter to you with words of gratitude from a woman who has been powerfully following her heart's path for years. It was her response to our latest post about her work.

"Thank you Earth Prayers for such a beautiful commitment to making the world a better place. Each one of you is an Angel on Earth, and the world is blessed to have you all in it. I can't wait to bring you all to our village and see the difference you are actually making. Sometimes I lack words to put into what I exactly feel. Blessings and love to each one of you."

Peninah Lesorogol from Kenya energetically advocates for her Samburu people, especially the women. Touched and grateful, we accompany her on this journey.


It warms our hearts to receive such feedback and to see what we can achieve together. It also encourages us to continue our path with joy!


Barbara, Evi, Karin, Philipp, Sandra & Manfred * from the Earth Prayers Team


Now let's move on to our February projects!

🌞 5.2.-11.2. Sustainable Agriculture María Navas Self-sufficient Family ~ Venezuela ❤️

We have been supporting María Nava over an extended period in establishing her wonderful birthing center to assist birthing mothers from less privileged backgrounds.

Now it's about her and her family, and the desire to become self-sufficient!

"We are a family that believes in agriculture as a means of livelihood. With your support, we want to create a garden and cultivate organic vegetables. It is intended for personal consumption but also to facilitate exchange and generate income for several families. We want to produce healthy food in harmony with the environment and people. I am grateful and connected 🙏 for the promotion of this great project 👪."

Approximately 650 euros are needed for an irrigation system and tools. We want to provide María's family with the support they need to start this significant project!

Here you can find many beautiful impressions from María's birthing center project:


🌞 12.2.-18.2. Nature & Culture A Cow for the Orphanage "Maisha" ~ Kenya ❤️

In November, Philipp visited the Maisha orphanage in Nairobi. Philipp says:

"The atmosphere is very familiar, and the children visibly feel comfortable. The first children admitted to the orphanage are now university students. I particularly liked the agriculture aspect. Almost everything needed for food at the orphanage is grown."

"Maisha Home" was founded by Florian and Beatrice Luchinger. In 2009, Beatrice provided her private house to give children living in extreme poverty a new home. Now, their daughter Susan is the coordinator, affectionately known as "Mama Maisha" by all.

A total of 22 orphaned children have been rescued from the slums and streets of Nairobi and brought to the Maisha home, where all their basic needs can be met. Most of these orphaned children lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS and the violence following the 2007 elections.

They are lovingly cared for by a team of dedicated helpers. Maisha is more than just a home; it is a family where children find love.

Joseph, the nephew of Beatrice tells us:

"One of the things close to our hearts is agriculture. Maisha is fortunate to have a large piece of land. The staff has worked around the clock to ensure that Maisha can be self-sufficient. We believe that through our own food production, we can teach the children the importance of sustainable agriculture. At the same time, we can provide them with locally produced, nutritious food and support the community around us.

Currently, we have a cow and a calf that help us with the production of milk consumed at home.

One of the main motivations for starting dairy farming was the difficult times we faced when we didn't have a cow. This meant relying on distant neighbors, especially nomadic Maasais, who provided us with milk for a fee.

Things have changed since we got a cow, and we believe that with an additional cow, we can achieve much more. We are ready for another cow that will not only provide milk for the Maisha children but also for the surrounding community. The proceeds will go towards paying for extra educational support for the children.

The price of a dairy cow is approximately 900 euros. Maisha will contribute 300 euros themselves, and we would like to contribute the rest with Earth Prayers!

In Kenya, there are many children living on the streets. It's beautiful that many people and initiatives take care of these children, ensuring they can lead a dignified life and receive love, attention, and education.

Let's help together!

You can find many touching impressions on Maisha's website:

You can also see more photos on our projects page:"


🌞 19.2.-25.2. The Empowered Woman The Weavers of Pallay ~ Peru ❤️

Philipp had a wonderful conversation with Alejandra Rivera from the company Pallay, Cusco/Peru. She came to our attention through Ruro from the birth village Ruruchay. Ruro was Alejandra's Doula. It's beautiful to see how connections are woven 🙂

Alejandra invests a lot of time, love, and money into her business, which sells handwoven clothing made by weavers in the high Andes of Peru.

Pallay focuses on three important aspects:

1.) Empowering the weavers through regular income, training, improving working conditions, and thus appreciating their work.

2.) Preserving the age-old, high Andean art of weaving. There is a tendency for young women not to be as eager to learn this art from their mothers and grandmothers. Pallay aims to motivate young women, in particular, to establish themselves in this traditional art.

3.) Production occurs in a sustainable, ecological, and natural manner.

The art of weaving embodies much wisdom from the people of Peru. The designs are unique and also convey parts of the worldview and culture of the Incas. These are treasures that we would like to support!


"Last year, the political and social crisis that triggered acts of violence and strikes in southern Peru greatly affected the tourism sector. Cusco is one of the provinces where 90% of the population depends on tourism. The year 2023 was economically very challenging and prompted us to take various measures to continue assisting the weavers. We want to proudly introduce the women of the high Andes to the world.

Our beneficiaries are 50 weavers from 3 communities in Cusco: Chalwaccocha, Acchahuata, and Quiswarani.

In two of the communities (located at 3600 and 4600 meters above sea level!), the weaving centers need to be completed. For example, by building a roof so that the women are better protected from the extreme climate and can optimize their production processes. Additionally, a kitchen space is needed for natural dyes and drying the wool. These improvements will also allow them to welcome visitors who want to learn about their environment and customs."

We are happy to be part of this project with Earth Prayers!


🌞 26.2.-3.3. Unfolding for Children Ruth's holistic education for children ~ Venezuela ❤️

For the 4th week of this month, a new project has come to us that has touched us deeply.

I'll let Ruth, a lively woman with a white mane, tell her story:

"My name is Ruth Yajaira Cruz Matos. I come from Venezuela and lived in Caracas (the capital) for 40 years. For 24 years, I have been living in the state of Mérida, on the outskirts of a town called La Azulita.

Since my youth, I have dedicated myself to working with young children and completed training as a preschool teacher. Even today, at 66 years old, I volunteer at the village school. I am aware of how important a harmonious development is for the future lives of children. In Venezuela, there is inequality in learning opportunities, especially in rural areas.

Children of different ages come to my home, needing academic support in various areas such as language, mathematics, or civics.

But the education of children and adolescents is incomplete if we do not also support them in developing their creativity through art, science, and contact with nature.

So, my main goal is to help children develop their potential within their personal framework and possibilities by introducing them to art, sciences, and the nurturing contact with nature.

To further develop this wonderful project of holistic education with a group of 10 to 15 children, I need materials because I have the space, the will, and the desire to work with them.

That's why I'm asking for your help to acquire the basic working materials that will assist me in conducting activities with the children.

I thank you in advance for your attention and your collaboration in this project for the well-being of the children of the village of San Luis, Mérida State."

Ruth needs materials such as drawing pads, pens, clay, glue, watercolors, and children's stories in sufficient quantities. The cost is approximately 950 euros.

We want to support Ruth and her proteges! 😄❤️


In the last month, two projects received particularly significant assistance. The joy and surprise from our project partners will be immense 😄 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I wish you a wonderful February, where you take the time to pause and listen to your hearts, despite the early spring energy.

Much love,




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