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Earth Prayers Letter* November 2023

My dear ones!

Just this morning, I was perusing past Earth Prayers newsletters and noticed that two years ago, in September, we had an average of 25 donors per weekly project. I was astonished. It suddenly seemed "so little" to me. And I remembered that time ~ back when I had just started writing for Earth Prayers and getting to know this fantastic project. Yes, fantastic. It felt grand to me. Charged and permeated with a lot of heart energy, warmth, light, diversity, and potential! It felt so supported, not just supportive in its actions but grandly supported by many beings. And that's how it has to be! The more people come together and collaborate, the greater things can be accomplished ❤️

Last month, we had 130 donors for each project! And our dear treasurer Evi announced at our last association meeting that we have now been able to channel over 75,000 euros into heartfelt projects worldwide! It made me acutely aware again of how our project has grown in these two years.

This is a reason for great gratitude, joy, and celebration! 😄 And that's exactly what we did at our meeting 😊

It's beautiful to come together for something so grand. To nurture a project together with like-minded people, to contribute energy to something that brings joy and heart power into the world.

Thank you, dear Earth Prayers team! Thank you, dear Earth Prayers community, thank you, dear donors, for our shared nurturing and actions! It is a great gift for me to walk this path with Earth Prayers ❤️

And here's a greeting from us Earth Prayers women ~ we held the fort at the last meeting 😉

Before I delve into our November projects, I'd like to send out a call to the community.

We are excited about our team growing! We welcome individuals who feel called to showcase the Earth Prayers project to the world! Whether it's presenting it at events, through podcasts, social media postings, or whatever your personal path may be. Our work is more than welcome to continue growing, and THANK YOU for being a part of it 🙂

Now, let's embark on the journey..... From Argentina, through Colombia and Venezuela, to Africa 😄


🌞 6th-12th November * Nature & Culture * Amatreya ~ Córdoba / Argentina ❤️

The community "Amatreya" has been in existence for 25 years, with around 50 people currently living there permanently. They orient their lives towards unfolding in community and harmony with nature. We have been accompanying this wonderful community for quite some time, enjoying the beautiful exchange and participating in their inspiring, pioneering way of life.

Recently, we supported them in a very important matter—preventing mining in their area and thereby protecting and preserving the tributaries of water (which belongs to everyone!). Two out of four company applications for mining in this area have already been legally rejected. The processes are still ongoing, and we wish Amatreya the continued ability to safeguard this land.

A few weeks ago, Amatreya reached out to us once again, seeking our support. It's time to create a new, sustainable water supply system. Collaborating with a hydraulic engineer, the community has agreed upon a new water system that minimally impacts or disturbs nature. The implementation is scheduled for March, and now they need the necessary funds of around $4,300.

Let's see what we can contribute to this cause! ❤️

For more information about Amatreya, their life, their work, and their values, you can find it here:


🌞 13th-19th November * Empowered Woman * Training for Milena Torres ~ Colombia ❤️

Milena has approached us with a special request. She wishes to participate in the "Retreat for Natural and Integrative Gynecology," which incorporates a significant amount of indigenous knowledge from Colombia. The event is organized by the "School for Health and Female Wisdom."

"For three years, I have been teaching women about our feminine nature. Through art, song, dance, and working with the earth and plants, we can recognize ourselves and improve our relationship with ourselves. In doing so, we create well-being for ourselves and our communities.

I am often asked for support in guiding women through female gynecological health processes. I refer these women to others whom I know possess this knowledge. I am just beginning to delve into this depth myself. Therefore, I want to participate in this retreat to deepen my self-awareness and also to accompany the women who come into my life in a comprehensive way and with the highest possible quality. Additionally, to meet women who are also on this path and to create networks."

The retreat is part of a one-year training that Milena has mostly already completed. The goal is to learn self-care techniques and rituals from our ancestors to balance cycles, improve emotional well-being, and strengthen the connection with nature. This provides important tools to accompany girls, adolescents, and adult women in their life processes.

"I am infinitely grateful for your initiative to collaborate with projects of other people who are concerned about their health and Mother Earth."

The retreat takes place from December 1st to 3rd and costs 545 euros. We very much hope to successfully support Milena and appreciate her valuable work! ❤️


🌞 20th-26th November * Empowered Children * Trekking Project "Little Steps, First Summits" ~ Venezuela ❤️

"The summit of a mountain represents an achievement for everyone who dares to climb. On the way up, most is learned, skills are developed, experiences are gained, and the most important life lessons are learned."

Gerardo Angarito is one of the founders of the initiative "Pequeños Pasos - Primeras Cumbres" (Little Steps - First Summits).

In a Zoom video conversation, he shared his motivation and details about this project with us. Children are invited to hike and climb mountains together with adults. These are incredibly valuable experiences for the children and their parents, who are always invited to be part of this inspiring journey of their children.

As preparation, the children learn about nature, plants, animals, and the importance of harmonious coexistence with Mother Earth. Gerardo's vision is that these children will grow into very conscious adults who carry these values into the world and into various areas, such as politics.

"The effort a child makes on the way to the summit of a mountain is honorable. The completed training, the hours of exhaustion, the complex techniques that must be learned, and the face at the end of each day are the fundamental elements of this project. Every laugh, every drop of sweat, every tear, every hug is part of the message we want to convey. We are convinced that the time and resources invested in children bring the greatest benefits and that through them, the changes our planet and society need can be achieved.

We ask for your support with the goal of bringing the highest mountains of our state of Mérida closer to children, where respect and protection of the natural environment, values of coexistence, teamwork, solidarity and friendship, family cohesion, and the development of physical conditions are promoted."

The current focus is on purchasing a 60-meter static and a 60-meter dynamic rope - for canyoning, rappelling, and mountaineering. These won't need to be rented for each outing. This requires around $430. Later, investments will also be made in tents, helmets, etc.

We would like to support this project!

You can find more photos here :-)


🌞 27th November - 3rd December * Holistic Health * Porridge for Children ~ Kenya ❤️

This deeply touching heart project still needs support!

Philipp met the initiator, Lochuch Ngoo, during his Africa trip in the winter of 2023. This man has taken on the task of cooking huge pots of porridge daily for children and elders of pastoralist families. After years of drought, there was a severe famine in his area in North Samburu.

To sustainably self-finance the porridge project, he has started growing sweet potatoes and intends to keep chickens. Now, funds are needed to fence the land and complete the chicken coop. He has already successfully harvested sweet potatoes and is showing others in his community how to do it.

"Big thanks to Earth Prayers for your support! God bless you!" ❤️




"Thank you for traveling together! 😄

I wish you a wonderful November! I wish each of you to be well-nourished and cared for. May you have community, warmth, and joy in your hearts!

Sandra Schalamun

für Earth Prayers ❤️


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