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Earth Prayers Letter * October 2023

My dear ones! I open this letter to you with lines from Philipp, which arrived us from Kenya a few days ago 😊

"Dear Earth Prayers friends,

I want to share my heartfelt thanks with you for sowing a seed of support and unity within the human family every week. We are currently over 120 people who nurture a dream, a vision, or a heartfelt wish here on Earth with both money and our best wishes every week.

We have given many people the feeling of being seen and supported. Many things have already happened thanks to all of us. We supporters have also experienced a lot of joy and gratitude in seeing how things are changing and how the webs of benevolence connect. The gratitude we receive in return is nourishing.

At the same time, the power of prayer resonates, a wish for more abundance, peace, unity, and naturalness in our work. Regardless of religion, guided by the heart. This wish, this prayer that resonates every week, is as meaningful to me as the concrete and encouraging support for each project.

Our seven thematic areas give us the opportunity to send each respective theme as an intention around the world every week!

This week, it is the theme: Unfolding for children. ❤️🌼🙏

May our children continue to unfold more freely in accordance with their soul's plan! ❤️🙌🙏

I am grateful to each one of you for being part of the Earth Prayers vision.

All the best from Kenya,



Philipp beautifully sums up how we feel at Earth Prayers :-)

It touches me deeply every time when words or expressions of gratitude are sent to us, and we see what can unfold in people and their projects. To feel this joy and the power of giving and receiving. I also want to pass on a greeting from María to all of you. She and her two friends were able to realize their dream of the Moondance through two Earth Prayers initiatives, and they have done us all a great service:

"Brothers and Sisters!

I return from this infinite journey to the center of my being. We danced, prayed, fasted, strengthened ourselves, and, above all, we witnessed a new humanity emerging ~ with the blessing of our ancestors. Thank you for helping us make it possible. May the full power of the Great Spirit accompany you on your journeys."




🌞 2nd-8th October * Free Development of Children * Social Circus School ~ Argentina ❤️

Melisa and María are creating a circus school for children from underprivileged backgrounds. The children have a lot of fun there ~ they learn acrobatics and tricks, create creative performances, and experience moments of joy, movement, and togetherness. What's very valuable is that the program is accessible for free, and their parents don't have to pay for it.

We've already provided financial support to these two women once for their teaching activities and would like to continue supporting them!

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 9th-15th October * Holistic Health * University of Calling ~ Brazil ❤️

During his time in Brazil, Philipp got to know a group of people who have launched an inspiring social project.

"We want to offer people the work of self-discovery for free. The University of Calling helps reconnect with one's life purpose, create prosperity, recognize one's gifts and talents, and use them for a new way of living."

With this aspiration, 25 purpose-facilitators trained by the "FLORESCENTIA - Training Academy for Facilitators of Purpose and Prosperity" established the "University of Calling."

To make the project financially sustainable in the long term, we were asked for financial support for promotional activities.

"Our long-term dream is to be able to pay the facilitators providing this service while the people who want and need this work can do it for free."

We are excited about this creative initiative and are happy to be a part of it ❤️


🌞 16th-22nd October * Heart's Desires * Moped for José Luis ~ Venezuela ❤️

"Handcrafted coffee is my way of surviving the economic and social crisis in Venezuela and providing for my family."

These words came in a letter from José Luis to us in the spring. At that time, he requested support for a coffee roasting and grinding device, as well as a used moped, so that he no longer has to deliver his coffee on foot. Additionally, his other work involves shopping for elderly people who can no longer go to the market on their own. A moped would be a great relief for him in this regard.

It is worth noting that inflation in Venezuela is still very high, and the prices of both desired devices have doubled in a short period. José writes that he is saving money very slowly.

José Luis has already received 380 euros from us. He has decided to prioritize the moped for now because it is currently more practical for him. He continues to produce coffee on a very small scale, roasting 1 kg at a time in a small oven and then grinding it by hand.

It is very important to us to support José Luis and his family. Let's work together to ensure that at least the moped can be fully funded! We still need approximately 400 euros for that.

"Thank you so much for your continued support. I send you blessings and wish you strength in your mission to support people and projects in various places around the world." ❤️

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 23rd-29th October * Free Seeds * Samburu Agriculture ~ Kenya ❤️

This month, we want to once again support the tribe of the wonder-woman Peninah. Currently, it is very dry in Samburu land, so purchasing water is necessary for irrigating the forest garden.

Additionally, the women are building traditional Samburu Manyattas, which are part of Peninah's women empowerment project in Naiborkeju. Through environmentally friendly and responsible tourism, the women should have another opportunity to earn money.

"This will help us sustain our way of life while promoting sustainable development. The huts are built by women, and the materials are also made by them," Peninah writes to us.

Dear Earth Prayers family, there will soon be an opportunity to stay with our project partners in Kenya, thereby supporting them in a very special way!

For more information and beautiful photos of this impressive, diverse, and essential Samburu project, please visit:

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 30th October - 5th November * Sustainable Agriculture * Dehydrator for "Sembrar y Servir" ~ Venezuela ❤️

I'll let Alexandra's letter speak and share about her family and life:

"Greetings and blessings from Venezuela!

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our work and our dream with you. We are a family consisting of my husband, my three girls aged 7, 10, and 13, and myself. 'Sowing and Serving' (Sembrar y Servir) is our name because we have learned that everything we do, say, and share with others are seeds. And when we are aware of this, everything in our lives takes on a different meaning. Every word, every gesture, every action should serve a purpose in the service of life.

This is how we have been living for more than ten years in the countryside, taking care of organic farming and food processing, as well as seed production. Ensuring the health of the soil is important to us. We have raised our daughters without vaccinations, and they are homeschooled to protect their creativity and mental health. They have diverse interests and learn from various people about the things that inspire them."

Our economy is based on processing local products such as yucca, sweet potatoes, bananas, and quinoa. We transform them into flours that we offer in the market as a healthier and more nutritious alternative to the insatiable consumption of industrially refined flours, which provide no benefit to nutrition and health. On the contrary, they exacerbate one of the most common problems currently occurring in our area, which is chronic inflammation of the intestines.

One of the activities we enjoy the most is the production of high-quality native coconut oil, because of all the properties it possesses, which we constantly observe and have experienced wonderful changes on physical, emotional, and mystical levels.

Our request for support is for the acquisition of an electric dehydrator. Currently, we have a small, handcrafted dehydrator, but it no longer meets the demand, limiting our ability to provide for more people.

The cost is approximately $800.

With increased production, we will also have the opportunity to employ other people and meet the needs of our family, as our girls are growing, and their needs are growing as well.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time in helping us and for your empathy in supporting people like us who are trying to realize the dream of a more dignified and just world.

Infinite hugs!

We are excited to support this family and their work! ❤️ For more photos, please visit:7


In September, we were delighted to receive an especially generous donation for the Birth Village Ruruchay in Peru! A big, big THANK YOU for that!!! ❤️


Now I bid you farewell once again and wish you a wonderful October! Let's continue on our paths ~ in giving and receiving, in wishing, praying, and nurturing ~ following our hearts.

A-hey! 🌞



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