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Earth Prayers Letter * September 2023

My dear ones! 😄

The sun graciously blesses us with its warm rays. Yet, it's already perceptible that autumn is rapidly approaching, and we are moving into a new phase in the cycle of the year.

On September 23rd, the Autumn Equinox takes place. It's one of the two days in the year when the daylight and the dark of night are of equal length. A moment of balance between light and darkness, between day and night, between birth and death. Even today, this special time is marked by grand Harvest Thanksgiving festivals to bless and honor the Earth and its treasures.

According to ancient tradition, no large quantities of wild herbs or fruits are harvested after this time. This is done out of respect for nature and its cycles, as well as for the animals preparing for winter and gathering their supplies. Everything that remains in the forests and meadows now belongs to them.

We, as humans, can feel how this time, when the days grow shorter, and the nights lengthen, stirs something within us. The year is slowly coming to a close... We can consciously use this time to reflect on the past year and sense where we currently stand. What is needed to transition well and securely into the dark, cold season? Are there things to conclude, or are certain preparations and changes on the horizon?

I invite us, time and again, to pause. To feel what is present in our lives that nurtures us. What we can be grateful for. And also, to take steps to shape our lives in a way that serves us well and nourishes both ourselves and others.

Just yesterday, we received a message of gratitude from Lochuch in Kenya, who tirelessly dedicates himself to cooking porridge for children and the elderly. He was very pleased with our recent support. He was able to purchase 50 plastic plates and 50 plastic cups, 50 school uniforms, 100 textbooks, and valuable food items.


From Venezuela, a big THANK YOU came from the school in La Azulita for the purchased kitchen utensils. 🙂

These messages bring us immense joy - they are among the fruits we are able to harvest from our collective work with you, nourishing our hearts! A big THANK YOU for that. ❤️

... And now, let's move on to our September projects! 😄


🌞 4.9.-10.9. * Free Seeds * "Navdanya," Vandana Shiva ~ India ❤️

In this time of gratitude for the harvest, we want to once again support the great work of Vandana Shiva and her NGO Navdanya!

Vandana Shiva has been a courageous and passionate advocate for free seeds, organic farming, and the rights and empowerment of Indian small-scale farmers for many years. To date, the NGO has established more than 100 community seed banks in 22 states over a period of approximately 30 years! You can find more information on our website: 🌿🌿🌿

🌞 11.9.-17.9. * Sustainable Agriculture * "Organico.nat" by Amira & Anabella ~ Venezuela ❤️

Many vibrant colors of delightful fruits and plants keep coming to us in photos from Mérida! 🙂 Since 2020, Amira and her 14-year-old daughter Anabella have been running an ecological farm on the outskirts of the city with great love. They are dedicated to cultivating and processing medicinal, spice, and aromatic plants.

In June, we were able to finance the purchase of a mill for them, and now they need about 400 euros for a dehydrator, which they really wish for! We can make this happen! 🙂

Photos and Videos to be found here: 🌿🌿🌿 🌞 18.9.-24.9. * Nature & Culture * Tipi for "Naturkinder Waldlicht" ~ Austria ❤️

Similarly, in June, we called for support for a forest kindergarten group in Vorarlberg. Now, autumn has arrived, and Florian and Corina are starting their new year with the children! 😄

The two of them were able to pre-finance the desired tipi and have already set it up. It cost a total of 1,160 euros, and we've already contributed nearly 400 euros.

We want to make another contribution to make it easier for "Naturkinder Waldlicht" to get off to a good start!

Photos and Videos to be found here: 🌿🌿🌿 🌞 25.9.-1.10. * Empowered Woman * "Ruruchay," House of Births ~ Peru ❤️

For years, we have been supporting Ruro and her deeply inspiring vision. She is building a small village with 9 birthing houses in the "Sacred Valley of the Incas," where indigenous women can give birth in a natural, loving atmosphere. They are accompanied by traditionally working midwives and doulas.

Ruruchay is also intended to become an educational center where the millennia-old knowledge of the traditional midwives of the Andes of Peru is passed on and preserved.

Much has already been achieved. Construction of the birthing village began at the end of April, and the first house is now complete! Such great joy! ❤️ Several women have already given birth to their children there.

"This house is for large families when they come to give birth. It has multiple rooms for parents and siblings. The next planned buildings are a small birthing house for a small family, where only mom and dad are present, and a hall for birth preparation," Ruro explains.

Let's continue to contribute together to make Ruro's vision a reality and enrich the lives of many families sustainably! We all know how important the birthing process is for the future of our children and thus the Earth!

Recently, the annual gathering of traditional midwives took place. Here's a video from the event that touched us deeply: A big THANK YOU for this wonderful project ❤️


Lastly, the numbers for August:


I wish you a beautiful and cozy start to autumn and look forward to writing to you again soon!

All the best 🙂

Sandra for Earth Prayers


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