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Earth Prayers Letter * June 2023

"My joy has no bounds. May God bless the organisation!"

With these words, I would like to open this month's Earth Prayers letter. They come from Mercylene from Kenya. Philipp met her in Africa in November and through an initiative, we were able to fulfill her long-cherished dream of becoming a nurse! The entire first semester is already pre-financed. She is now on her way to start her studies and is overjoyed to be able to pursue her education ❤️

We have received another wonderful news from María Nava in Venezuela. The expansion of her birthing house is progressing well, and the long-awaited birthing pool for water births has now arrived! 😄

"Every day we are making progress. I am very satisfied, my heart vibrates with the great support you have given us!

The plans were always there, but with the crisis here, it would have been very slow. Nothing is impossible, but honestly, you made it possible! ❤️🐘❤️"

A glimpse from María's birthing house...


The fire brings me to the current time quality. In rapid steps, we are moving towards the powerful summer solstice, the brightest days of the year! It happened so quickly ~ the crickets are chirping in competition, the frogs are singing, many fields have already been mowed for the first time, and there is an abundance of medicinal herbs to gather for daily cooking and winter supplies.

Do you also feel like time is flying by? Moon after moon, we progress through the course of the year, and suddenly, we arrive in the hot summer ❤️

It is said that our pagan ancestors celebrated the time around the summer solstice for 12 days ~ just like the winter nights, it was considered a "time between times." A grand celebration of fertility and gratitude, where couples jumped over the midsummer bonfire together, with a belt of mugwort around their hips, to strengthen their lumbar and pelvic power.

Even today, in some regions, midsummer bouquets made from specific, auspicious plants are bound and given as gifts. Bonfires are also being lit again in more and more places, ritually celebrated.

Thank you to the lived customs from the time of our ancestors, which still give us strength today and connect us with our primal nature. From this primal nature, the most diverse creations flow. This month, we once again span a colorful arc over various projects and life situations that need support!

And off we go!


🌞 5.6.-11.6. * Sustainable Agriculture * Organico.nat by Amira & Anabella ~ Venezuela ❤️

Many colorful pictures of splendid fruits and plants from Mérida have reached us. Since 2020, Amira and her 14-year-old daughter Anabella have been passionately engaged in organic farming on a plot of land on the outskirts of the city. They dedicate themselves to the cultivation and processing of medicinal, aromatic, and spice plants, as well as coffee, legumes, corn, avocados, and citrus fruits.

Now they need support to purchase a dehydrator for drying the spices, as well as a mill for further processing. They also wish to acquire tools for their agricultural work, such as a shovel, a spade, and a machete. We would like to support them and are delighted with their efforts!

You can find more photos here, and I have a video link for you as well:


🌞 12.6.-18.6. * Nature & Culture * Sikuani Agriculture ~ Colombia ❤️

Ana from the Earth Prayers team has connected us with the Sikuani people. She has visited the indigenous community multiple times and has met abuelo (grandfather) Clemente Gaitán. With our support, he was able to establish the association called "Kaliwirnae," through which he aims to preserve the traditions and knowledge of his people, ensure food sovereignty, and protect biological diversity.

Furthermore, we have been able to promote the cultivation of chili and the acquisition of a large mill for chili powder. In a report, a Sikuani woman tells us that prayers are offered for all plants and animals, including chili. When planting chili, they pray for good growth and abundance.

Now, the Sikuani would appreciate the construction of a small house for storing the chili and their work utensils. Currently, everything is stored in a private house, but the chili's spiciness is causing discomfort to the people's eyes. This situation can be improved!

We are happy to be involved and look forward to continuing our work for the Sikuani 🙂


🌞 19.6.-25.6. * Empowered Woman * Mónica Rivas, Removal of Breast Implants ~ Venezuela ❤️

"I feel that this experience has a mission. By sharing my situation, I can help other women who are considering such unnecessary procedures to realize that true beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance. Instead, we should value and love ourselves as we are and not conform to false beauty standards. I tell you that the stereotype of the perfect and voluptuous woman is just an illusion; they made us believe that we are incomplete, that something is missing."

At this point, I would like to give Mónica the space to tell her story in detail. It is a topic that affects so many women, and I consider it very valuable to raise awareness and focus on what is most important: finding a way to feel comfortable as human beings in our own bodies, returning to naturalness, and discovering our true values and beauty.

Years ago, Mónica, believing that she wasn't good enough as a woman due to having small breasts, was convinced by her doctor to get breast implants.

"Those who know me are aware that I am an adventurous woman who is always on the move and that I strive every day to give my children everything they need. I inspire people to fulfill their dreams, change their lives, and be happy. That's why it is so difficult for me to show vulnerability, but now I really have to. I know that some people will consider me crazy, but I am not doing this out of vanity. I need this procedure to remove the plastic from my body."

What many women do not know is that the insertion of breast implants can have serious health consequences. Mónica's doctor assured her that she could wear the implants for a lifetime. As an expert, she believed him.

"After a while, I noticed that the implants felt strange and I had pain and hardening. Additionally, I started experiencing allergic skin reactions and strange lumps. Finally, after researching various sources, I discovered that many women had similar issues with their implants. I even found support groups advocating for informing women about ASIA syndrome and its complications. They also shared stories of courageous women who dared to free themselves from the plastic."

To have the breast implants removed, it requires $4400.

"Although I worked hard to gather the money, I wasn't able to raise more than $1000. That's why I overcame any shame to launch this campaign."

In May, Philipp gave Mónica the confirmation of our support. At that time, she was just two days away from the surgery date! She borrowed the remaining amount, accumulating a significant amount of debt. Mónica was overjoyed upon receiving our message and felt deeply supported and encouraged. It also provided her with strength and confidence for the surgery.

"After experiencing so many things that made me reflect on life, I have been able to integrate many aspects related to our inner beauty and values as women. Even more so, becoming the mother of two beautiful beings who deserve to have a healthy mother. The truth is that women have so many wonderful things to do and share; we are creators of life. We need self-care and self-love. And we should not let anyone or anything convince us that we need anything other than who we are. It is about recognizing our true beauty."

We know that Mónica successfully underwent the surgery and is in the process of recovering well.

"I trust that everything happens for a reason and that it always strengthens us and gives us more will to live. I can only express infinite thanks to those who are helping me today, may everything you give be multiplied. Blessings 🙏🏼💖"

You can follow the campaign here:


🌞 26.6.-2.7. * Unfolding for Children * Tipi for "Naturkinder Waldlicht" ~ Austria ❤️

"To see the world in a grain of sand,

and heaven in a wildflower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

and eternity in an hour."

More and more forest kindergartens are emerging in Austria, which brings us at Earth Prayers great joy. It's beautiful to see children being lovingly accompanied in their unfolding and being in nature. Florian and Corina aim to start their group in autumn 2023. What they still need is a shelter for the children. The group's activities take place outdoors throughout the year, regardless of the weather. They are considering a tipi that provides rain protection and the possibility of a warming fire. It costs around 800 euros.

Corina and Florian share a bit about their philosophy and mission:

"Our intention is to always act with reverence and mindfulness towards creation and to create a place of warmth and security that radiates its light into the world. We want to perceive each child in their uniqueness, with their abilities and limitations. For a child to unfold according to their nature in the garden of childhood, reliable connections, good role models, and a stimulating environment are needed."

We aim to lovingly and holistically accompany the children in their own process of becoming. To achieve this, we see the integration of Waldorf and nature pedagogy as the foundation for a healthy development.

For us, the child is not a blank slate to be filled in. It is a unique, inviolable individuality that brings its own life motives and life tasks into the present earthly existence. The time in the forest is meant to provide children with the space to play, work, craft, sing, and engage in activities together in nature. We want to allow children to develop their own personal connection to nature. They learn through free, natural play and gain direct and authentic experiences. In the forest and meadows, they play in natural places of power. Natural materials particularly appeal to the imaginative creative forces within the child. It is here that the soul of the child and the soul of nature meet."

We are delighted about this wonderful project and would like to support the acquisition of the tipi! You can find more information and inspiring photos on the website of "Naturkinder Waldlicht"!


Finally, the fruits of May 😊


Now I bid you farewell again and wish you a blessed time of abundance and solar power!

A-hey, dear human beings!

Sandra 🌞

& the Earth Prayers Team


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