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Newsletter ~ January 2023

Dear ones! 😄

Full of freshness we may look into the vastness of a new year, which has much in store for us and in which we can create and create new!

We are still in the Rough Nights ~ time of introspection, sorting and feeling what wants to be unfolded in our lives. Discovering where our resources are. Listening to what our wise hearts hold for desires. Often this voice is very quiet and it takes courage to become very still and listen to it.

I feel gratitude for the quality of this time to prepare the ground for the seeds we want to sow in the new cycle. And for our freedom to do it!

Earth Prayers wants to support other people to follow their path as well. Many do not have this self-evident freedom of opportunity, of financial abundance, or of network as we are privileged to enjoy. It is a deep concern for us to get involved where we can make a lasting difference and where valuable seeds can be germinated in the world.

THANK YOU for this opportunity and thank YOU for YOU ❀


There are still beautiful, refreshing calendars for the new year! 😊 We appreciate your orders and a donation to help fund our association costs! Send us an e-mail and we will gladly send you the calendars ❀