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Newsletter ~ January 2023

Dear ones! 😄

Full of freshness we may look into the vastness of a new year, which has much in store for us and in which we can create and create new!

We are still in the Rough Nights ~ time of introspection, sorting and feeling what wants to be unfolded in our lives. Discovering where our resources are. Listening to what our wise hearts hold for desires. Often this voice is very quiet and it takes courage to become very still and listen to it.

I feel gratitude for the quality of this time to prepare the ground for the seeds we want to sow in the new cycle. And for our freedom to do it!

Earth Prayers wants to support other people to follow their path as well. Many do not have this self-evident freedom of opportunity, of financial abundance, or of network as we are privileged to enjoy. It is a deep concern for us to get involved where we can make a lasting difference and where valuable seeds can be germinated in the world.

THANK YOU for this opportunity and thank YOU for YOU ❤️


There are still beautiful, refreshing calendars for the new year! 😊 We appreciate your orders and a donation to help fund our association costs! Send us an e-mail and we will gladly send you the calendars ❤️


And here they are ~ our January projects!

🌞 Jan. 2-8-1 * Free Seeds * Coffee Grinder for Permaculture Family ~ Venezuela ❤️

"We are a family of 6 that decided to start a permaculture project a few years ago. It allows us to connect with our roots, as our grandparents were hardworking farmers who cultivated the land in a harmonious and grateful way."

These are the lines written to us by Yaneth from Mérida, Venezuela.

From the seeds of their ancestors, the family grows coffee, bananas, tomatoes, chachafruto and chayota squash, among other crops. It is important to them to be independent of the large seed industry. In cooperation with neighbors, the harvested treasures and other products, such as eggs, are sold in nearby villages.

"Our small medicinal plant garden provides us with the necessary elements to maintain the health of everyone who lives here. Plants include such things as chamomile, aloe vera, turmeric, ginger, milk thistle, horsetail. Our biggest goal is to live healthy and in harmony with the earth."

Yaneth's request to Earth Prayers is to help her family fund a coffee grinder with a motor as well as a bag closing machine. This would make their work much easier. Furthermore, they would like to expand their precious medicinal plant garden. In total they need about 500 Euro for this.

We are happy to support this beautiful project!

Here you can find some photos and a video:


🌞 9.1.-15.1. * Sustainable Agriculture * Samburu Agriculture ~ Kenya ❤️

We would like to dedicate the 2nd week of January again to Samburu agriculture. Philipp is on site right now and reports that it is relatively green there at the moment and the land has been blessed with abundant rain a few times.

The Samburu are a pastoral people who live mainly from raising and selling goats, sheep and cows. They have been settled for not too long and are in the process of securing their food supply through agriculture.

"We want to plant more vegetables, buy seeds, and support would be great for the water supply too!", Peninah tells us of her tribe's current concerns.

From the money Earth Prayers raised at the last collection, Peninah was able to pay 8 women a monthly wage for their work on the farm, among other things. That is about 45 Euros per woman. The income that the animals bring goes exclusively to the men. By giving the Samburu women paid work, they can become financially independent and empowered. In addition, this leads to a sustainable care of the trees and plants. This work of Peninah is revolutionary and should be an example of what is possible and important!

We are happy to have met Peninah and to be able to accompany the Samburu a little bit on their way!

More information and current photos are available here:


🌞 16.1.-22.1. * Nature & Culture * Vitality Base Vienna ~ Austria ❤️

We are happy to support again a young, forward-looking Austrian project in January.

Sebastian David Hornstein has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the Vitality Base in Vienna for two years. With it, he has created a space where people can network, inspire and find creative ways of togetherness for everyday life as well as for a future worth living.

"The Vitality Base is a kind of open living room, where everyday life can be spent in community or researching, cooking, dancing, jamming, learning, crafting, philosophizing together.

We promote the implementation of heartfelt projects, network communities, create events and festivals. The focus is on enriching the world and testing a culture of sharing. Our work is to create a large enabling network for ideas that are aligned with love."

Sebastian is committed to unleashing sustainable projects in the world and making their achievements freely available. For example, an app for a talent network is currently being created. Another beautiful work of Vitality Base is food sharing. Expired but still good food from stores is processed together in the Base and passed on.

One point that is very difficult in the set-up phase is the financial means to maintain the premises. Sebastian has already contributed a lot of money from his private property. Now he asks us to help him.

We would like to support his heartfelt actions and believe that a lot of valuable things are still possible in this lovingly created space!

Click here to visit the Vitality Base website:

Let's Create Joy Together


🌞 Jan. 23-29 * The Empowered Woman * Nurse Training for Mercylene ~ Kenya ❤️

In December, we launched an appeal for help for Mercylene, a young African woman. Philipp met her on his trip and together with you we could already raise a handsome contribution to finance Mercylene's nurse training.

In March the training will start! Should we be able to raise more money than needed for the first school year, Mercylene would like to buy a smartphone, which she will need for school.

Mercy is deeply grateful that Earth Prayers is supporting her so much. And we are deeply grateful to be able to work with you to make such wonderful things happen in such a wonderful way ❤️

More info and photos can be found here:


🌞 Jan. 30-Feb. 5 * Unfolding for Children * Community Center Rua 2 ~ Brazil ❤️

In Rio de Janeiro, in the middle of a favela (poor neighborhood), there is a center that gives stability and hope to children and young people from the worst circumstances. The children there receive daily meals and a wide range of education and activities.

Some time ago, a hostel operation was set up in the Community Center, which should contribute to the financial independence of the center.

In December, we received the following lines from David:

"I would like to ask for a donation from Earth Prayers to help us continue to make the community center self-sufficient and self-sustaining. We have been donated a biogas plant with the purpose of cooking hot meals for a canteen. We can sell 100 hot meals per day. All the money will be used to maintain the activities in the community center. To pay an accountant, the cleaning lady, the cook, the kitchen help. Through the support you have given us over time, we have come as far as we are now. In the hostel that you helped to build, the first long-term guest has arrived!

I am grateful for all the loving attention you have given to the Rua 2 Community Center. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with much health, peace and many successes. Thank you so much."

More info here:


We were able to collect these great contributions for our projects in December:

We wish you a powerful, creative 2023 full of health, inner security and fiery joy of life!

All the best❤️

Sandra Shalamun

for Earth Prayers


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