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Newsletter * May 2023

Dear ones! 😊

I am writing to you just before the May full moon, the time when our Celtic ancestors celebrated the roaring Beltane Spring Festival.

It was only under the influence of the Roman-Catholic understanding of time that the festival was calendared on May 1st. Even today, Maypoles are erected in our country on this day ~ as a sign of the union of the masculine and feminine, as the phallic tree and the round, magnificent wreath of fertility so beautifully symbolize it.

The festival is also known as Walpurgis Night, in which witches, herb women, ride their brooms and dance with men lustfully. Connected with potions made from sweet woodruff and other magic plants found in our forests and fields.

Much can be learned from these old traditions, and we are happy to gradually explore and reintegrate our cultural heritage and the wisdom and medicine hidden within.

This month, too, we have the opportunity to support wonderful projects in which people are striving to return to their roots. To use, preserve, or revive the treasures that the land on which we live naturally provides us with.

In this sense, a big THANK YOU for all the movement back to nature, simplicity and living from the heart! ❀


🌞 May 1-7 * The Empowered Woman * Clay School ~ Austria ❀

"The beautiful volcanic land is built on clay!"

For over 15 years, Jan and Ann have been dedicated to researching clay as a material and design element. Through their various projects in Europe and Latin America, they have developed a variety of ecological techniques and recipes, constantly pushing boundaries and proudly proclaim:

"We can build almost anything with this miraculous material! ;) "