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Newsletter * May 2023

Dear ones! 😊

I am writing to you just before the May full moon, the time when our Celtic ancestors celebrated the roaring Beltane Spring Festival.

It was only under the influence of the Roman-Catholic understanding of time that the festival was calendared on May 1st. Even today, Maypoles are erected in our country on this day ~ as a sign of the union of the masculine and feminine, as the phallic tree and the round, magnificent wreath of fertility so beautifully symbolize it.

The festival is also known as Walpurgis Night, in which witches, herb women, ride their brooms and dance with men lustfully. Connected with potions made from sweet woodruff and other magic plants found in our forests and fields.

Much can be learned from these old traditions, and we are happy to gradually explore and reintegrate our cultural heritage and the wisdom and medicine hidden within.

This month, too, we have the opportunity to support wonderful projects in which people are striving to return to their roots. To use, preserve, or revive the treasures that the land on which we live naturally provides us with.

In this sense, a big THANK YOU for all the movement back to nature, simplicity and living from the heart! ❤️


🌞 May 1-7 * The Empowered Woman * Clay School ~ Austria ❤️

"The beautiful volcanic land is built on clay!"

For over 15 years, Jan and Ann have been dedicated to researching clay as a material and design element. Through their various projects in Europe and Latin America, they have developed a variety of ecological techniques and recipes, constantly pushing boundaries and proudly proclaim:

"We can build almost anything with this miraculous material! ;) "

On their journey, they have developed high-quality, durable, and contemporary solutions and alternatives to conventional building procedures and materials that are often highly problematic for humans and the environment.

"The world needs clay knowledge! Now more than ever!"

The two pioneers now want to contribute to the construction revolution. They are currently developing "The Clay School," a comprehensive online platform.

"We create detailed, practical video courses on various topics related to natural building, renovation, and design with clay, related materials, and upcycling. In the courses, we focus on topics such as making clay plaster, paints, natural putty, wall construction, organic arches, seating areas, clay furniture, clay ovens, and much more.

The courses are designed for anyone who wants to build and create, people who want to make a difference in the world! Whether you're a homeowner, interested layperson, professional bricklayer, builder, student or teacher."

The courses are for anyone who wants to build and design, people who want to make a difference in the world! Whether it's home builders, interested laypeople, professional bricklayers, builders, students and pupils."

The courses are designed to be affordable and accessible to reach as many people as possible and to ensure that ecological, local, and affordable materials are brought back to the center of society as the most obvious alternative.

"We want to inspire and empower people to create their living and working spaces with fun and excitement, just as they envision it!

We need your support to build The Lehmschule!"

Currently, there is a crowdfunding project for Ann and Jan, and Earth Prayers would like to help make it happen! ❤️

Here's a video of the two:

And here are beautiful insights into some of the projects and possibilities of the last 15 years:


🌞 May 8-14 * Development for Children * Social Circus School ~ Argentina ❤️

Recently, a childhood friend of our musician friend Pablito Bertone approached us. She lives in Argentina and together with her friend Maria, she runs a circus school for children. The children learn various acrobatic skills, practice artistic performances and experience moments of joy, creativity, movement, and community. The beautiful thing about this is that they do not have to pay anything for it, as the program is intended to be freely accessible to children from low-income families.

Now Maria and Melisa are asking for our financial support, among other things, for compensation for their teaching activities.

Here is a small video:

We are happy to support the beautiful project of these two women! ❤️


🌞 May 15-21 *Holistic Health * Building a Wooden House ~ Colombia ❤️ Carolina López, a young Ticuna indigenous woman, and her mother Silveria have approached us with a big request. They are currently building a wooden house that will serve as the centerpiece of their gastronomic and cultural project in the community of Puerto Nariño, located in the Amazon region of Colombia. They want to create a healthy gathering place where they offer traditional, nutritious food and regional handicrafts made from local materials. They also take care of growing fruits and vegetables for their kitchen.

The two women already operate a stand where they prepare typical Amazonian dishes such as Beiju (cassava cakes), Patarashca (a fish dish), or Mazamorra (a sweet corn-based dessert). Additionally, they offer fruit wines made from exotic fruits and traditional drinks like Chicha or Masato (yucca beer).

"These are foods and products that our ancestors have always had. I want to work to ensure that they continue to exist because they are part of our culture. I want to show people locally, nationally, and internationally the richness we have in our area as long as we care for and preserve it. All knowledge is reflected in the knowledge of our ancestors, and so we will continue to preserve the safety of customs and cultural habits in the future. Because our identity is determined by everything around us ~ the environment, nature, light, earth, water, air, and fire. Everything we collect from the earth will always be food. We want people to know that we have a sense of belonging, that our culture is alive, and we must continue to build bonds of brotherhood to preserve a dignified society with culture and respect."

These are the lines that Carolina wrote to us. She is asking for around 1000 euros to be able to finish building the house. In the first place, they still need wood.

We are happy to support these two women together with you!

Here you can find more photos (including the current state of the wooden house):

🌞 May 22-28 * Heart's Desires * Buying a Moped ~ Venezuela ❤️

A letter from José Luis Ruiz Mendoza from Merida:

"Greetings, dear friends! With this letter, I would like to express my gratitude for your help to those in need and for listening and reading these requests. Thank you very much on behalf of my family. My request is support for the purchase of equipment for roasting and grinding coffee. Processing artisanal coffee has been my way of surviving the economic and social crisis in Venezuela in recent years. This equipment will allow me to increase the production of ground coffee and improve the economic conditions of my family, which includes my children, my wife, my mother, and myself.

The second goal is to acquire a used moped to deliver the handmade coffee that I produce weekly to people who cannot go to markets or stores in person due to time, age, or health reasons. This is an activity that I usually do on foot."

To purchase the coffee equipment and the moped, about 440 euros are needed for each. We would love to lend a hand to José Luis from the bottom of our hearts!

Here's a picture of him and his family:


🌞 May 29 - June 4 * Free Seeds * Michael Edan, Ateker-Farm ~ Kenia ❤️

We are excited to continue supporting Michael's projects! Currently, the Samburu land is blessed with plenty of rain. Michael writes to us:

"We are doing well with our farming. The rains are here. God is blessing us. The solar pump is working well. Thank you so much to Earth Prayers for your generosity! We have planted maize, beans, and peas. If possible, the rain may continue for the next 3 months. The last time it rained like this was in 2019."

A large, shallow well was dug in the riverbed, and now Michael's team wants to build a water kiosk near the farm gate. A 10,000-liter water tank will be built on top of the 2-meter-high hut so that other farms can receive water for irrigation by gravity. The kiosk will also serve as a storage for the farm's equipment and as a collection point for the marketing and sale of their products.

Around 3,400 euros are needed for the construction.

"We ask Earth Prayers for support so that we can help 20 more households to become self-sufficient and secure their food.

Let's help together! ❤️


To conclude, here is an overview of our April contributions:


Wishing you all the best and a delightful month of May 😊



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