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Newsletter May 2020 English

In April, the Earth Dinner movement had it's first birthday! The association Seeds of Solidarity was founded on the 24 of April 2019 for more solidarity and less consumption. Already months before that Philipp Sudi had initiated the Earth Dinner initiative. An idea turned into concrete support for many different projects all over the world. In an ever turning 7 week cicle, with your support the following 7 earth topics are supported: Seed freedom

The earth nourishes                         

Protecting Life in Nature                    

The empowered woman                   

Children with a future Holistic health                    

Letting the heart speak  

For more detailed information visit us on our homepage Dear Philipp! Thank you for your peseverance and your optimism! The picture shows Philipp with Fabricio, the son of friends of his in Peru.               

From this month onwards the Earth Dinner newsletter will be available in English, Spanish, French and German! Our community is growing slowly but steadily. As of now we are around 12 participants per week from different parts of the world and every single week we collectively transform the value of an unnecessary or unsustainable act of consumption into support for a sustainable project.

This platform is entirely run by volunteers and we really love doing it! In case you know somebody who you think would appreciate to participate in this movement, we’d be very happy about new participants!

We think that a huge shift of consciousness might be happening at this very moment. When if not now should we do all that is in our hands in order to protect mother Earth and all life forms that she is a home for?

This month we’re supporting the initiative “Roots of life” in Bangladesh for the first time. The project of the month will be the awareness raising and reforestation project in Peru, where the Quechua School will plant trees in the Peruvian Andes with school children frim Colca, Cotabambas.