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Newsletter ~ December 2022

Dear ones! 😊

Now we have arrived at the last month of this eventful year and there are many reasons to PARTY and say THANK YOU! 😄

The community of Earth Prayers' supporters has continued to grow, as well as our dedicated team has been enriched with some dear members.

Great contributions were made to deeply inspiring, touching projects ~ and more and more people are approaching us with their wonderful visions. A BIG THANK YOU FOR THIS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! ❤️

It is beautiful to be part of this great movement and shift in consciousness on our Mama Earth.

In the last few weeks we have put in so many extra hours to create 2 beautiful calendars for you for the year 2023 ❤️ We welcome many orders ~ the proceeds for the calendars cover our association costs such as website costs, account management, printing of folders, etc.

There is a beautiful annual wall calendar in A3 size (unfolded), where this time there is also enough space to make notes. The bright photos show projects that we had the pleasure to support this year ❤️

Donation contribution per calendar: 20 - 25 euros (at your own discretion).

🌿 Furthermore, we have also designed a colorful wall calendar in size A1, which provides an overview of the whole year. Also with space for entries. Donation fee per piece: 10 - 15 Euro

Please order directly via e-mail 🌿

The calendars can be picked up in Graz or shipped to you ~ in the latter case small shipping costs will be added.

A big THANK YOU in advance ❤️


Here are the projects of the month of December 😊

🌞 Dec. 5-11 * The Empowered Woman * Nurse training for Mercylene ~ Kenya ❤️

"Hello dear friends, I want to tell you about how my heart was touched today and wished that Earth Prayers here can support a person to walk their path..."

These lines came to the Earth Prayers team a few days ago from Philip in Kenya. He met Mercyline Mwaro at the beach where she works as a waitress. She was willing to help him learn Swahili every day, so he was able to get to know her and her story a little better. She graduated from school in March and dreams of going to nurse training in Kisii, in western Kenya, so she can see another part of her home country.

She lives in Watamu together with her 7 siblings, their children, her sick mother, her stepfather and some chickens, geese and goats. She used to sell mangoes and peanuts on the beach to pay her school fees. She only gets paid for her work as a waitress when business is good and there are enough tourists. So on some days she goes home from work without a paycheck. In her eyes it just seems impossible to raise the money for the education.

We would like to help this woman and give her a boost!

The costs for the first school year are 960 Euro! The education will start in March! Together we can do it!

"I don't want to be a dependent woman. I want to be a woman who can take care of herself. And I also want to help my family, for example my mother, who is really needy."

We are happy that life let Philipp and Mercyline meet and that we can make a small miracle in this way ❤️ THANK YOU!!!!

You can find more photos on our projects page: 🌿🌿🌿 🌞 12-18 Dec * Unfolding for Children * School in La Azulita ~ Venezuela ❤️

In Venezuela we have been supporting the great forest garden project of Alí Morales for quite some time. Together with children and young people, he is working to bring the original plants and trees of Venezuela back to bloom and to pass on valuable knowledge from traditional agriculture.

Recently, Alí became aware of the conditions of a small school in neighboring San Rafael. He invited the 7 children of the school to join him in the forest garden. In a conversation with Arelys, the teacher, the needs of the school became clear once again ~ there is a lack of many things and there is no support from the state.

We would like to raise the money to finance cooking pots, a mixer, a refrigerator and some small kitchen utensils for the school kitchen. Furthermore, we need tools for the maintenance and cleaning of the school as well as paint for the renovation of the facade and some sports articles for the children.

At the moment, the surrounding farmers keep giving away food to feed the children.

Let's help together! ❤️

Here is a little video: 🌿🌿🌿 🌞 19-25 Dec * Holistic Health * Bari Wesna, School of Wisdom ~ Peru ❤️

A project came to us from Peru that touched us very much right away. Many indigenous children are moving further and further away from their roots. Due to the influence of the West and the incorporation into urban environments, where they often experience humiliation and racism, they go more and more into rejection of their origin. To counteract this and to teach children about the treasures of their ancestors, Shipibo natives have founded the non-profit Bari Wesna Association.

Their goal is to counteract the forgetting of ancient knowledge and bring children living near the Pucallpa urban area together with elders from their ancestral culture.

"With a lot of effort, we have managed to build a library that has now existed for 8 years. But we need to expand our services for young people in these institutions. We are asking for support to conduct educational and artistic activities of Shipibo boys and girls that restore and strengthen the worldview of their ancestors."

The project consists of teaching essential components of Shipibo-Konibo art, such as teaching the Shipibo language through singing and the knowledge of medicinal plants and the healing of diseases. Pedagogy and art are combined to develop the children's cognitive and creative abilities, while teaching them the value of their origins, ancient traditions, the preservation of their culture, and thus inner security, strength and confidence.

For the employment and boarding of a sage, there are just costs of about 400 euros. Here we would like to contribute and together with you make this valuable contribution possible! ❤️

🌿🌿🌿 🌞 Dec. 26-Jan. 1 * Heart's Desires * Sumak Kawsay, Beekeeping & Reforestation ~ Peru ❤️

"The Sumak Kawsay team would like to thank the entire Earth Prayers team for supporting our initiative! It has allowed us to build a greenhouse and purchase the tools to do so!"

Sprinkled throughout this letter from Ysa were many photos of the construction and all the treasures purchased, such as a drill and hammer 🙂

"Sumak Kawsay" is the Quechua term for "The Good Life" or "Being in Harmony with Nature". With this company, Ysabel Calderón works to restore ecosystems in her native Peru. Her concern is to bring back native tree species through reforestation and to create a natural environment for bees and other pollinators. She has established a tree nursery and forest garden with bee houses in the mountains.

We greatly appreciate Ysa's work and would like to respond to her recent request for another approximately 600 euros for necessary investments, such as certain pipes for the greenhouse and a large scale.

In gratitude for this courageous, valuable work!

More info and photos are available here on our website ❤️

🌿🌿🌿 And here is the overview of the collected posts in November:

🌿🌿🌿 It is a particularly great pleasure when reports come in from successfully supported projects. In the last few weeks, we have received some beautiful news 🙂 Finally, I share a picture of the midwife María Nava from Venezuela, who, thanks to the help of Earth Prayers, is now able to realize her dream of building her birth house with a bathtub for water births! A supporter from the Earth Prayers community offered in November to pay the remaining amount of 555 Euros! A big thank you to her and to all of us for this great creation!

🌿🌿🌿 Yes, together we are strong! And can let our bundled light radiate far, warming and nourishing into the world ❤️

We thank you for this successful, common year 2022 and wish you a blessed, relaxed Christmas and Twelfthtide time ~ in which the light is born new and stronger than ever.

With love 🌞

Sandra and the Earth Prayers Team! ❤️


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