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Earth Prayers Letter * March 2024

My dear ones! 😄

With much joy in my heart, I look back on a beautiful beginning of March. Philipp and I spent 3 days in the enchanting Salzkammergut and Tyrol, where the last part of Philipp's concert tour took place. There were many heartwarming encounters. We are very pleased that there was so much interest in Earth Prayers, and I welcome all new readers of our newsletter 😊.

In nature, we also had the privilege of encountering powerful beings. One of them was the majestic Untersberg, shrouded in many myths, on the outskirts of the city of Salzburg. It was impressive to perceive its aura. Standing firmly on its snowy peak, feeling the immense strength pulling downward, providing tremendous support. At the same time, letting our gaze wander into the distance, onto the dreamlike backdrop of the surrounding white mountains in all their forms. We were filled with gratitude for the power and beauty of nature. It always reminds us of the inherent strength and beauty within each of us.

Of the stability we carry within ourselves and, at the same time, the ability to fly with our minds, to give birth to ideas, and to manifest wonderful things on Earth.

On the way to the Salzkammergut, we had a video call with 16-year-old David Saituku Lesorogol from the Samburu tribe in Kenya. He joyfully shared that he is doing well in school and is currently on vacation, hence at home. Earth Prayers funds his attendance at a specific school. It has been his big dream to go there to become a tour guide in the future. It was very touching to feel his simplicity and the lightness associated with it. He radiated joy, and behind him, the Sacred Mountain of the Samburu ~ Naibor Keju, radiated as well.

With the warm feeling of connection, I now take you further on the journey to our March projects, starting with a direction towards South America:


🌞 4.3.-10.3. Holistic Health Community Center Rua 2 ~ Brazil ❤️

It's time again to support the Community Center of Rua 2 in Rio de Janeiro!

Since 1981, it has been providing a place of support and hope for the children and youth of the Rocinha favela (slum). They receive food and have a colorful range of educational and recreational activities.

We often assist in implementing specific projects, such as exciting trips or initiating the hostel operation of the Community Center, which supports the project's self-financing.

This time, the focus is on Capoeira lessons for the children!

Capoeira, a martial art that originated from the struggle for freedom by African slaves in Brazil, continues to strengthen people's resilience, bring them together, and open hearts through the combination of music and movement.

In April, the "Troca de Corda" festival ("Baptism" or "Belt Change") takes place. Until then, the young Capoeiristas are particularly motivated, training diligently to be in good shape for this ceremony. New belts and T-shirts will be provided for the children and teenagers, and after Capoeira, there will be a celebration with good food. To make this festival possible, support is needed!

Here's a sweet video from a trip to the sea:


🌞 11.3.-17.3. Heart's Desires Art in Motion in Schools ~ Venezuela ❤️

With "Our Story in Color" (Nuestra historia a color), a beautiful project was born. The initiators, Andrés and his wife Mariana, speak of "Art Therapy in Motion." This involves intertwining the therapeutic powers of drawing and painting, music and dance, as well as various sensory exploration games.

In 2015, the couple was already active in schools, and now Andrés wants to revive this heartfelt project, visiting a total of 28 schools in 24 villages in the Andrés Bello community.

I'll let a heartwarming video from the two speak for itself:

"The aim of this project is to promote the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of children and provide a unique and enriching opportunity to address personal challenges through creativity and movement in this digital age. At the end of the shared days, the children will create a mural at the school, highlighting themes of local identity to honor the natural, cultural, and vibrant heritage of the community," shares Andrés.

The vibrant art therapy tour is set to begin in the last trimester of the 2023-2024 school year, initially reaching out to 6 schools. In September, the journey would continue to more schools if the funds can be raised.

For the first 6 schools, a budget of around 700 Euros is needed for materials (brush sets, paper sheets, pens, etc.) and other requirements. We would love to support this beautiful project together with you ❤️

"I understand that an artist is someone who uses his voice amid the silence of others to say something and that he has the commitment that this is not something useless but something that serves people." ~ Joan Miró


🌞 18.3.-24.3. Free Seeds Base, Center for Art, Nature & Yoga ~ India ❤️

Angie and Sriram have created a small oasis in India, where they introduce visitors to the value of nature and medicinal plants, as well as the essence of music, poetry, and yoga as a way of life.

"We consider the conservation of every piece of land on our Earth important. We care that afforestation is reclaimed, that waterways remain free, and that human-made interventions are minimal. In reforestation, we focus exclusively on native plants, especially medically valuable plants, and ensure they can propagate well."

They have planted around 300 rare native trees and plants on their land to protect them, preserve them, and sharpen the senses. At the end of 2022, we assisted in financing signage for these plants to make knowledge accessible to the community, including students from the surrounding area.

"It is meticulous work to find the right names in 4 languages. We seek the expertise of botanists and Sanskrit scholars," Sriram explains. "Thank you very much for your support! We have already installed some signs, and many more will follow!"

Now, we want to raise funds for additional signs!



🌞 25.3.-31.3. Sustainable Agriculture Porridge Project by Lochuch Ngoo William ~ Kenya ❤️

Vuka daraja na jirani (Cross the Bridge ~ Neighbors Initiative)

Lochuch Ngoo has taken on the heartfelt task of cooking huge pots of porridge for children and elders from herding families. After a drought, there was a severe famine in North Samburu, and people still have little to eat. To sustain themselves, Lochuch grows sweet potatoes and instructs others in cultivation. They also engage in poultry farming. Philipp has met this man and his efforts, and we are delighted about the sustainable collaboration!

"I thank you, Earth Prayers, so much for your support. I have a lot of confidence in them, and I will always go with you and do more work in this project together with you. Thank you, Brother Philipp. May God bless you."

He shares about the current situation:

"When I receive the money, I will support the children with food and school supplies. Furthermore, I want to buy more chickens because the more chickens I have, the more profit I will make.

The agricultural project is already completed, but I need to operate the farm sustainably. For that, I need tanks, water, and also plants like fruits, sweet potatoes, and others. Additionally, I want to continue training the farmers on how to cultivate these plants and visit their farms. The necessity of the farm project is to provide more food for the hungry.

With the remaining amount, I will buy food for my family needed for the Easter holidays, as well as school fees, clothing, etc.

I still love this project because God has given me the opportunity to help. I am happy when these children and elderly people live as well as other people. I just pray to God to give me more strength so I can help them."

Lochuch regularly sends us pictures and videos and is deeply touched by our support.

"We are pleased to be able to stand by his side in our way!

Here you will find many photos and more information:"


Last but not least:

THANK YOU for all our contributions, making something so valuable possible! ❤️

I am delighted by our shared, nourishing journey and wish you a wonderful and powerful beginning of spring! May it bring forth many seeds!

Much love,

Sandra Schalamun


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