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Earth Prayers Letter * June 2024

Dear ones! ❤️

First of all, on behalf of Earth Prayers, I would like to extend a BIG BIG THANK YOU to the "MAY FEST - one day into the essence"! THANK YOU to its initiators (THANK YOU Wotan Oberascher for all your time and love that you continuously invest in such wonderful projects!) THANK YOU to graphic designer and idea-bringer Lila Westreicher THANK YOU to site caretaker Heimo THANK YOU to all other contributors and wonderful guests! THANK YOU to the amazing musicians who donated their fees for their performances to Earth Prayers! ❤️

A total of an incredible 2000 Euros was handed over to us from the proceeds! We will draw from this abundance pot to support projects that need more funding than the weekly donations provide. We are very happy for the people and visions that can be nourished through this! 🌿


At this point, I would like to point out another beautiful gathering and once again invite you to our EARTH PRAYERS FEST on June 13th in Graz 🌞

✨ from 6 pm to 9 pm

✨ at the magical Babaji House with fire keeper Anamika at Riesstraße 238

✨ getting to know each other, sharing, feasting, listening to music by Philipp Ham Kuman

✨ our project partner Peninah Lesorogol from the Samburu tribe will be there

✨ we request registrations ✨ in person with us or via

✨ we are looking forward to seeing you ❤️😊


More good news:

Our new FOLDERS are here! We are happy if they are distributed to dear people and displayed at heart-nurturing events. We will gladly send them to you! And we look forward to your help in bringing the vision of Earth Prayers to the people!

And: There are now also T-SHIRTS!!!! 😄

When they arrived over the weekend, we were overjoyed and immediately wore them out! They've already reached the Waldviertel 😉

You can order them from us for 25 Euros each. As a tank top or T-shirt for women and men in various sizes from S to XL.

Write to us!

Either to Philipp or me personally or via 🌿


And now we move on to our June projects 😊

🌞 3.6.-9.6.  *Development for Children* Community Center Rua 2 ~ Brazil ❤️

We have been supporting the CCR2 for years. It was founded in 1981 to provide children and adolescents from a large slum in Rio de Janeiro with a place that gives them support, joy, and the opportunity for a dignified life. The children receive food there and a wide range of education, sports, play, and art. Through our support, we help, for example, to enable beautiful excursions for the children.

Recently, we contributed to a celebration dedicated to the sport of Capoeira. There were new uniforms for the young Capoeiristas. The Earth Prayers logo is depicted on them! The community center surprised us with this, and now our logo can be seen not only in the Waldviertel but also in the streets of Rio de Janeiro 😉😄

Now the CCR is asking for support to replace some windows and tiles in the building.

Here is a video from the Capoeira teachers:


🌞 10.6.-16.6. * Holistic Health * Meeting of Traditional Midwives ~ Peru ❤️

Im Juli findet in Lamas, im Dschungel Perus, das 5. Treffen der traditionellen Hebammen statt.

In July, the 5th meeting of traditional midwives will take place in Lamas in the jungle of Peru. With Earth Prayers, we have been supporting the deeply valuable work of Ruro, a traditional midwife and doula who is building a birth village in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andes of Peru and imparting knowledge about natural births.

She is also an important part of the midwives' meeting, which celebrates and strengthens the essential work of indigenous midwives. For decades, these wise women have been the keepers of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Their role is of vital importance for the process of pregnancy, birth, and the accompaniment of babies and their families.

The meeting of traditional midwives is more than an event ~ it is a tribute to the wisdom and care of these women for their communities!

Together we can preserve and strengthen this ancient practice. We want to enable more midwives to participate in this important event! Let's help together to raise money for travel, accommodation, and food for some women!


Here I have compiled an album for you with many more beautiful photos from the last meeting ❤️

And here is a very touching film about it:


🌞 17.6.-23.6. * Heartfelt Wishes * Internship for Paula with Ruro ~ Argentina ❤️

This week, we want to fulfill a special heartfelt wish for a mother of four for her powerful and deeply essential vocational path.

"My name is Paula, I will turn 45 on June 7th, and I am the mother of 4 children. From the age of ten, I grew up in the mountains in the Andes region. There is also the village of El Bolson where the retreat for traditional midwives with Ruro took place, which you supported in April! Thank you! In 1994, I became a mother as a teenager, which led me to leave school with the knowledge that I wanted to become a midwife.

After the birth of my second child, I coordinated birth preparation and parent self-help groups. In 2003 and 2005, my daughters were born at home.

I have been practicing as a home birth midwife since 2012 and had the opportunity to complete the ESCTA school in the tradition of Brazilian midwife Suely Carvalho.

In 2022, I trained as a craniosacral therapist, and these days I am moving to Buenos Aires with the goal of studying osteopathy.

Although I already knew that I wanted to work with Ruro in Peru one day, meeting her in person triggered something in me that I could not ignore. "If I study osteopathy soon, I will not have the time anymore. Therefore, I want to take advantage of the next few months to travel to Peru. I am asking for your support to do an internship in traditional Andean midwifery at the Ruruchay birth house from June to August!"

Paula needs around 1500 Euros for this. This amount covers travel costs, 1 months of internship and the Trip back to Argentina, food , accomodation and inscription fee for the Meeting of traditional midwives in Lamas.

Philipp had a touching phone call with Paula and says: "Ruro left so much inspiration and love. Now these women want to carry it forward. They are full of fire, and Paula follows her call to do an internship with Ruro. She will return to Argentina with a lot of experience, knowledge, and inspiration and will bring the power of peace and the mountains of Peru to the big city of Buenos Aires."

Let's help Paula fulfill her heart's vision! ❤️


🌞 24.6.-30.6. * Free Seeds * Shirley ~ Venezuela ❤️

"We are a family determined to protect the forest by planting diverse forests with fruit trees, preserving native trees, and saving species that are disappearing in other areas. Our farm is a refuge for wildlife, especially suitable for bird watching. An old path invites you to explore and learn about this wonderful story."

Shirley, her husband, and their two sons also dedicate themselves to securing native seeds (cocoa, peppers, legumes like peas, quinchoncho, and other shrubs, raspberries, figs, tartago, chayote, fennel, coriander, etc.) and follow traditional methods in the cultivation of coffee, kambur, sugar cane, and other related fruit trees.

For this work, they need our support. Among other things, it is about improving the handmade drying oven, repairing the motorcycle with which they transport their products to the markets, and setting up an internet network for the development of digital content for the agro-ecological coffee route as an alternative tourist and conservation destination in La Azulita.

In total, it needs an amount of 570 dollars. We would very much like to support Shirley and her family and are grateful for their work!



Lochuch Ngoo has sent us another small report. He was in the village of Lomiro in May to support with notebooks and pencils for school children as well as with porridge!


Thank you for our shared journey! I wish you a wonderful June from the bottom of my heart and look forward to seeing some of you on June 13th 🙂

All the best!


for Earth Prayers



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