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Earth Prayers Letter* December 2023

My dear ones!

Just as I begin to write to you, my eyes fall on a coal tit outside on our terrace, picking sunflower seeds from the snow cover. Its beautiful yellow belly with the black stripe shines at me. I am delighted by this visit. And by the snow that has surprised us in so many places this December. The white covering the earth, trees, and plants always brings me a certain kind of calmness. A pause. It becomes easier for me to become inwardly still. And to feel into my heart.

What gifts were there this year? Where is gratitude palpable? What were the good experiences of togetherness and community? ... The answers that rise within me nourish the positive. They make me feel warmth and joy. For all the little things and the big things.

(In this picture, a goldfinch is visible, an encounter from last winter ;-)

Recently, we received a touching message from María Angel in Venezuela. We supported her in August 2022 by helping her purchase seeds and renovate her old Andean house. In the meantime, she struggled with mental health issues and spent a few months in the hospital. She simply couldn't go on. Now, she is back and has reached out to us with many pictures and the following words:

"A big hug to the Earth Prayers family. Thank you for supporting me, and I felt your presence here with my family. Now that I have overcome this tough time, it is even clearer to me that I want to live and that I want my children to grow up between these beautiful mountains. I also want you to know that there is a piece of peace here for all of you. Much love to you, María."

You can find some pictures here ~ a lot has really changed at María's place 🙂 (At the very bottom, you can see how the house looked before.)


Also from the forest kindergarten in Vorarlberg, we received some lines ❤️ We were able to finance a teepee as accommodation.

"Many thanks to all donors and the team of the association Seeds of Solidarity for this support. With joy, we can take further steps towards shaping our forest space for the future forest and nature children."


And Maria Nava has sent such beautiful photos that I have now created a small album for you.

"Hello, family! Here, I send you some pictures that show the finished space and how it is already being used. A big hug from Venezuela, and once again, thank you for your support for this beautiful project. 🙏 May God and the universe bless you!"


Such feedback just fills me with profound gratitude. How simple it can be to do good!

In December, we would like to nurture the following projects:

🌞 4.-10.12. Heart's Desires Saituku Lesorogol ~ Kenya ❤️

In Kenya, Philipp had already met 16-year-old David Saituku Lesorogol last year. He belongs to the extended family of Peninah, whom we continuously support in their project to empower women and create a forest garden.

Philipp shares:

"Saituku is a humble, open-minded, and intelligent young Samburu warrior who told me about his dream of transferring to a better school. He wants to go to a boarding school where he can learn more, especially English and Swahili, as well as other languages that interest him.

We want to support him and his family in making his dream come true! The new school year starts in January. He still has a total of 3 school years to go before he has the opportunity to go to university. His dream is to become a tourist guide in the future. Kenya has an incredible amount of human beauty and breathtaking nature to offer.

The costs for the school are around 100 euros per trimester. In addition, there are costs for school uniforms, a mattress, school books, etc.

With around 1500 euros, we will be able to finance three years of boarding school in Nyahururu for Saituku. We can do it! Saituku will shine and also make the best possible contribution to realizing his dreams!" ❤️

Just now, as I write these lines for you, a message from Saituku has arrived:

"I say thank you Earth Prayers for supporting me. I say thank you and thank you." 🙂


🌞 11.-17. Free Seed Permaculture Self-Sufficiency Project by Yaneth's Family ~ Venezuela ❤️

Recently, a heartfelt thank you came from the village of "El Cambur" ("The Banana"), Mérida / Venezuela. We were able to fulfill Yaneth Sánchez and her family's request to purchase a motorized coffee grinder, and the joy of the relief it brings to their work is significant. Seeds were also purchased, and the plants are growing 😊

"We are a family of 6 who decided a few years ago to start a permaculture project. Working the land and growing our own food is the way we have found to survive the tough economic situation in our country."

The surplus of goods is sold or exchanged.

"It also allows us to connect with our roots. Our grandparents were hardworking farmers who cultivated the land in a harmonious and grateful way. From their seeds, we drew more seeds and grow coffee, bananas, tomatoes, chachafruto, chayote squash, and more. It is important for us to be independent of the large seed industry."

Now, Yaneth's family needs support again!

"We need 400 euros to buy tools for fieldwork and materials for the construction of a greenhouse for coffee plants.

It makes us very happy to send you greetings and our blessings for the beautiful work you do. Receive our sincere thanks!"


🌞 18.-24. * Sustainable Agriculture * Salome, Dentistry Studies ~ Venezuela ❤️

In Venezuela, in the state of Mérida, Earth Prayers is gaining recognition, and many people are reaching out to us. One of them is Salome.

The 19-year-old started her dentistry studies in October. By building a chicken coop and practicing sustainable poultry farming, she aims to partially finance her living expenses during her studies and, at the same time, stay connected with agriculture.

"I have lived my whole life in the countryside and want to maintain the connection to my farming roots. That's why I want to keep chickens on a plot of my uncle's land. I can build a chicken coop there and grow plants like amaranth, ramie, and others to later feed the chickens. This way, I can get eggs that are a bit more organic than usual. I could sell these in the city and generate income to afford my studies. I come from an economically modest family. A hug from Venezuela, Salome."

She needs around $410 and has provided us with the following breakdown:

- $90 - Wire

- $80 - Wooden fence

- $40 - Corrugated roof

- $20 - Hens

- $70 - Drinker and feed troughs

- $90 - Concentrated chicken feed

- $20 - Labor for building the chicken coop

We would like to support Salome in her endeavor!


🌞 25.-31. Nature & Culture Sembrar y Servir ~ Venezuela ❤️

Alexandra, her husband, and their 3 girls live as self-sufficient individuals in the countryside. In October, we called for support for an electric dehydrator to facilitate the production of healthy flours, such as coconut or yucca flour.

"Thank you for the message that we are being supported again! We are very grateful for this!

This way, we can reach the goal for the dehydrator! Thanks to all the people who support us through the Earth Prayers initiative!"

The cost for this is approximately 800 euros. We have 327 euros so far. Let's reach the goal together!

You can find more about Alexandra's family and their work here:



So, that was another beautiful journey with you and with Earth Prayers 😊

I wish you from the heart a wonderful December and a conclusion of the year filled with warmth, security, and a lot of optimism for a good, nourishing 2024.

Much love ❤️

Sandra Schalamun


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