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Earth Prayers Letter * April 2024

My dear ones! 😊

After a spring beginning blessed with plenty of sunshine, we at Earth Prayers were surprised with some particularly good news!

On May 1st, a beautiful spring festival will take place in the south of Graz, with proceeds going to Earth Prayers! ❤️ The joy for the people and projects that will receive support through this is immense! 😄

Thanks to the "Bliss" association for this wonderful gift!

The festival will be held at the wonderful and natural Seebühne in Fernitz, surrounded by forest and meadow.

There will be a plant market, Maypole setting, arts and crafts, concerts, open stage, face painting for children, good food, and being around the campfire.

"This time, we invite you to celebrate the gift of knowing so many connected and open-hearted people appropriately. Together, we create a field of gratitude and appreciation."

Admission 🌞 15-25€ recommended, children up to 12 years free, proceeds go to Earth Prayers!

Start time 🌞 1:00 PM

Location 🌞 Seebühne Fernitz near Graz

Limited to 300 guests 🌞 Camping is possible

No registration required 🌞 Just come!

We're very much looking forward to seeing some of you there 😄

After all, spring deserves to be celebrated, especially! During the equinox, our Celtic ancestors worshipped the goddess Ostara. She represents vitality and youthfulness, the awakening of nature, and the beginning of new life.

For us today, this is also the time when we can particularly feel the qualities of youthfulness. The refreshing greenery, the blooming colors, the warming sun, the seeds sprouting—it's time for new ideas and impulses, for purification and opening up to the new.

The next celebration in the Celtic calendar is Beltane. Originally a full moon festival, today it's mostly celebrated on May 1st. It's a festival of joy, love, and fertility. The connection between the masculine and feminine is honored, symbolized by the tradition of the magnificent Maypole.

In line with these vibrant spring months, there's a colorful abundance of wonderful projects that we would like to support!


🌞 April 1st - April 7th Nature & Culture Construction of a Wooden House ~ Colombia ❤️

Ana Barón from Earth Prayers recently visited Karolina López in the Amazon. About a year ago, Karolina found her way to us through Ana. The young Ticuna indigenous woman and her mother, Silveria, are currently building a wooden house that will become the center of their gastronomic and cultural activities in the community of Puerto Nariño. They aim to create a healthy gathering place where they can offer traditional, nourishing foods and handicrafts made from local materials.

Karolina explains:

"These are foods and products that our ancestors have always had. I want to advocate for their continued existence, as they are part of our culture. I want to show people the richness we have in our area, as long as we nurture and preserve it."

Through two waves of support in 2023, many valuable works were carried out on the house, and we continue to receive photos of the progress. Among other things, a beautiful wooden ceiling was built.

Now, a canopy is planned to be installed in front of the house, and a bathroom still needs to be constructed. The foundation for it is already in place. An estimated 640 Euros are needed for this.

We're delighted to continue supporting these two women! 😄

Karolina says, "I thank you from the bottom of my heart for every grain of sand of support that you send out into the world. Thanks to the Earth Prayers family for continuing to believe in people who dream and who yearn every day to implement cultural or environmentally related initiatives! Warm greetings to everyone!"

Here's a video that Ana and Karolina made of the house:


🌞 April 8th - April 14th The Empowered Woman Magazine for Healing Plant Knowledge ~ Colombia ❤️

"True evolution means returning to the origin of the Earth."

This beautiful wisdom is the guiding principle of a project in Putumayo, Colombia, which aims to explore ancestral plant medicine for women and create an illustrated botanical magazine about it (both digital and printed). Primarily, it is intended to serve the women of the indigenous Kamëntŝá-Inga community "Uaman Luar" ("Sacred Territory").

"We hope that this knowledge can also be transferred to other women and contribute to raising awareness about self-care, disease prevention, and strengthening traditional, local knowledge about recognizing the body as the primary territory of life."

"Through research and ethnographic studies, we aim to compile a living memory of the healing powers of medicinal plants. This includes spaces for gatherings and knowledge exchange, visits to the 'Mamitas' (wisdom keepers), guided plant tours through the area, and the creation of murals. We want to document the knowledge and practices in a magazine as educational material.

Preserving Mother Earth is our responsibility, and making wise decisions to ensure the protection of land, territory, and life is paramount."

We find this project wonderful and highly deserving of support! ❤️ In addition to providing access to valuable healing knowledge and strengthening health and self-care, it also preserves the traditional indigenous knowledge of the Kamëntŝá-Inga culture.

Approximately 4,500 Euros are needed to implement this comprehensive project. We would like to contribute a portion to it."

The initiator of the project is Judy Jacanamejoy from the "Uaman Luar" community. We were made aware of it by Sonja Kloss, who came across us through Daniel LebendigSeinJetzt and the association "Lichtanker" in Vienna. Sonja has been living in South America for 3 years. She followed her inner calling to go there to learn, connect, and exchange experiences.

To our delight, she will now support us at Earth Prayers and regularly approach us with projects she has encountered and considers very deserving of support. She is also on the board of the association "Lebensraum Regenwald" in Germany and understands, among other things, how to support locals in planning projects, creating project proposals, etc. We are very excited about the fresh, heartfelt collaboration with Sonja! 😊❤️


🌞 April 15th - April 21st Unfolding for Children Casita Redonda, Creativity & Humor for Children ~ Venezuela ❤️

"What's the point if a child knows where Neptune belongs in the universe but doesn't know where their sadness or anger belong?" ~ José María Toro

The Casita Redonda (Round House) in La Azulita is a heartfelt project of Arlenis Olivero. She has been volunteering with children's projects for many, many years. Since 2021, she has been leading her own project focusing on humor and healthy emotional expression.

Currently, around 60 children visit her every month. Additionally, she also visits nearby schools.

I'll let a beautiful video speak for itself:

Arlenis regularly receives pens, clothing, notebooks, etc., from friends and family members, which she distributes among the children. Currently, there are also 10 individuals who support one child each with a monthly "scholarship."

Her husband runs a software company, and Arlenis provides online teaching for teachers. This is how the two of them make their living. The Casita Redonda is purely a labor of love ❤️

The project operates on three levels: social, ecological, and economic. Economically, because the parents of the students are employed for various tasks. For example, the neighbor is the gardener, and her father, who is a carpenter, will make the required tables, benches, and shelves.

And now we come into play – there is a need for approximately 440 Euros for 3 bookshelves, several tables and benches, as well as closing off the toilet area where rain currently penetrates!

We want to support Arlenis' work!

"A thousand thanks for the help you can provide us to offer comfort to the children who participate in our creativity sessions."


🌞 April 22nd - April 28th Holistic Health Retreat with Ruro ~ Argentina ❤️

For years, we have wholeheartedly supported the traditional midwife Ruro Caituiro Monge, who is building a birthing village in the Andes of Peru and accompanies many women in giving birth naturally. Currently, Ruro is on tour to share her deeply valuable and extensive knowledge. Right now, she is in Chile, then in Argentina, and from there she will travel to Europe and also share her traditional wisdom with us in her warm-hearted manner!

Now the goal is to support six Argentine women in financing a retreat with Ruro in Patagonia. They are a team that accompanies births in a holistic way.

Sol, Luz, and Paula spoke with Philipp via Zoom. They are three of the six women who have taken it upon themselves to bring Ruro to Patagonia, almost to the end of the world 😉 They are very motivated and looking forward to the six-day workshop. So far, 14 women have signed up for it. There are still 6 spots available for this retreat!

"Since October 2023, we have been organizing training in traditional midwifery.

It is in our interest to deepen and disseminate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of traditional midwifery, as it is an area of knowledge that is almost entirely unknown in our country, since there are no longer traditional midwives in Argentina.

In other Latin American countries, they have never ceased to exist and practice.

Recently, UNESCO even declared traditional midwifery as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, due to its positive impact on society's health.

The training takes place in the form of social gatherings between Thursday, April 11th, and Thursday, April 18th, 2024, at the La Tregua retreat house, in the rural area of Mallin Ahogado, El Bolsón, Patagonia.

During the preparations, the social and economic context of our country has changed significantly. This not only makes it difficult for us as organizers to actually implement this retreat, but it has also made it difficult for many to afford the workshop. That's why we ask for support for the following:

Covering a portion of the travel, meals, accommodation, and training costs for each of the six members of the organizing team, as well as support for paying the fees of the speakers."

The women are grateful for around 1000 Euros or more. It is very important to us that as many women as possible have access to this knowledge! Let's work together to nourish this vision! ❤️"


🌞 April 29th - May 5th Heart's Desires Verein zum Sein ~ Austria ❤️

It brings me great joy to introduce you to a very special regional project this month, which I deeply appreciate. South of Graz, for years, a place has been shaped and built with much love and consciousness, attracting, touching, and enriching more and more hearts.

It's a place where humble actions and deep connection to nature prevail. On one hand, "Arks" (Tiny Houses) are being built on a workshop site, promoting a simple, nature-oriented way of life. Valuable knowledge, space, and tools are provided for this purpose.

On this site, a beautiful swap shop has also been established, open every day and freely accessible. Primarily, it offers clothing, but there are also books, games, and more.

At the turn of the seasons, celebrations are held with beautiful rituals, good food, and music. Each time, a deep sense of gratitude and simplicity can be felt, along with an understanding of the essentials and an awareness of the abundance surrounding us. In addition to these celebrations, a colorful swap market is held once a month, open to everyone, even those who wish to set up their own stall! Furthermore, horseback riding trips, herbal walks, courses on wilderness knowledge, and more are offered.

"The MAHALOVE - Verein zum Sein stands for supporting beingness and consists of individuals who feel connected to each other and collectively take responsibility for each other and for themselves.

We live according to the principle of solidarity and communal living.

The association operates on the ARCHENHOF and the ARCHENWERFT. The ARCHENHOF is available to people who want to acquire or pass on essential knowledge from nature. For young and old, from seniors to children, this place offers joy and the opportunity to gather experiences in ecological and nature-connected ways of life, including agriculture, forestry, craftsmanship, and permaculture.

The Archenhof is a (research) place where visions emerge, grow, thrive, and are built upon, which are indispensable for us as a society or as individuals, and which we want to carry into a new era. The ARCHENWERFT complements the ARCHENHOF as a workplace and realization center, as well as for sharing resources for our architectural visions."

Our shared vision is to create a place that self-manages across multiple generations (interfering as little as possible with natural cycles) and is aligned with the principles of sharing (not consumption- or cost-oriented, but minimalist). We experience and explore a solidarity that enables barrier-free existence.

To implement our plans sustainably and to provide a framework for further projects, there are various ways to support us. In addition to good ideas and helping hands in our constructions, gardening, and animal care, as well as in making music or engaging in philosophical discussions together, we also welcome financial contributions.

Active MAHALOVE association members invest their presence and monthly contributions in the preservation and further development of our projects. In the past two years, through our determined way of living and working, we have already implemented many ideas (networking and swap shop, farm expansion, shipyard quarter, Wonder Ark/mobile log cabin & wooden beam building systems), wagons, clay house, etc. – so that we can continue to boldly explore new paths in the future, we welcome contributions of any kind!

"Our current project is the acquisition of a 5-in-1 woodworking machine and a bandsaw for our ARCHENWERFT! These machines significantly enhance the quality possibilities and equipment of the community workshop.

Purchase price: €3,400. We have already collected part of it from our association network."

We are delighted to provide a space for the Verein zum Sein here and to contribute to the simplification of their work and the visibility of their essential work ❤️

You can feel free to contact Mahalove at:

The invitation to the markets and many beautiful photos can be found here on our website:


Thank you all for your tremendous support!

I wish you a wonderful, nurturing spring! 😊

Sandra Schalamun

for Earth Prayers ❤️


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