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September - Dreams that come true!

We're looking back at a beautiful month! Thank you to all of you that have enabled us to support ifferent projects in many different countries! By consciously redirecting money, that we consciously decide not to use for consumption, to projects that change the world, we become a part of the change that we dream of! Be aware of the fact that through your redirection of money you actually support human beings and initiatives to make this world a little bit more sustainable and humane! Before telling you about the projects that we support this months we want to share wonderful news with you! A few inhabitants of the ecovillage Piracanga, in the state of Bahia, in Brasil, have decided to start and ground the Earth Dinner movement in Brasil. They call it Jantar da Terra (Earth Dinner in portuguese) or Earth Dinner Brasil. (Instagram earthdinner_brasil) They have now created the possibility for Brasilians to support Brasilian projects! What a beautiful development! They are also using the seven topics that we are using, with the difference that they focus on one project per month, unlike us who support one project every week. Some more news! There now is an Earth Dinner Youtube channel! Subscribe to it if you are interested! There are testimonials of people that have already participated in the Earth Dinner movement and also of projects and people who present their initiative or give thanks for the support they have received from the Earth Dinner movement! In September very beautiful projects are waiting for us! There are three initiatives that we are supporting for the first time! We'll support Maria Keys from Caracas, Venezuela to buy a blender and baking trays so she can start preparing desserts and thus reach a higher level of economic freedom. She is going to prepare these sweet dishes and then sell them to friends, restaurants, on the streets. In reality she is a camera woman but her job is currently closed due to the quarantine situation. She was living in a students' residents that was shut down some weeks ago by the Venezuelan government in order to turn it into an area of quarantine. In her family there are three people with severe health problem and she wants to support them, or at least not add to the costs that they already have. It is touching to see how people like Maria believe in themselves and take the initiative to bring about change even in very difficult circumstances! All the best for your plans Maria! This month we are for the first time also supporting a totally Austrian project: GoBugsGo. This association that was founded by the filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger aims to buy lands in order to free them from agriculture and construction and to hand them over to nature and insects! We all know there is no vegetables when there are no pollinators! A brilliant idea! May GoBugsGo be able to free lots of lands from agriculture and to hand them back over to Mother Nature. What GoBugsGo is going to do with our support this month is that they want to purchase an area of several hectares in Burgenland. Most of the money is already raised, but there are still a couple of thousands of euros missing. The price of the land is quite cheap so that with every Euro you send them you actually buy one squaremeter land! Our third new project this month is a solar dehidration machine that Mariana and Andres want to build in Venezuela and that they are going to used especially for drying fruits. They have already received our support for buying an electrical mill. Since then they have been producing mandioca and banana flour and als selling their surplus for accessible prices on the local market. With this solar dehidration machine they are going to do another step towards food sovereignty. Where they live there is a lot of sunshine all year long. They will be able to save electritiy and probably they'll be a source of inspiration for other neighbouring farmers as well! Venezuela really needs innovative and motivated people like them in agriculture! These are this month's projects: 31.8. - 6.9. L'ecole vivante – free school – Children with future - Morocco 7.9.-13.9. Target –Fighting female genital mutilation - Sierra Leone 14.-20.9. Maria Keys – Blender and baking trays – Letting the heart speak – Caracas, Venezuela. 21.-27.9. GoBugsGo – Land purchase – Zones for insects – Burgenland (Austria) – Project of the month 28.9.- 4.10. Solar dehydration machine – sustainable agriculture - Mérida, Venezuela

For further information please consult our webpage, our instagram account earth_dinner or our facebook page! I wish you a wonderful month of September, full of trust and meaning! (Foto Project Comfio in Brasil! These women will now be able to purchase an overlock machine with your contributions and become even more creative, independent and self-determined! Lots of love! Philipp Sudi from the Association Seeds of Solidarity


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