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Peruvian inspirations

Many thanks to all of you who have supported the four projects on the Earth Dinner platform through money, interest or voluntary work and a lot of gratitude to all the people who are making this planet a little more sustainable, natural and humane right where these projects are active.

This month very touching projects are awaiting us again. We have a focus on Peru, three of the four projects in February are in Peru - Wawa-Wasi, creative and free develpment for children - Mónica Rivas, establishment of a single mother’s healthy gastro business - Sumak Kawsay, project where fruit trees are planted in order to make life easier for pollinators. Our fourth projects leads us back to India, to Vandana Shiva. (15.-21.2.)

In the first week of February (1.-6.2.) we are supporting the project Wawa-Wasi in Pisac, Peru. We have reached the area of “holistic health” again. Wawa-Wasi is a space for learning, experiencing and disvovering that draws its inspiration from different alternative pedagogical approaches and from expressive art. Wawa-Wasi means Children’s house and, without a doubt, it contributes to the holistic health and to a happy and free development of children.

Wawa-Wasi, Pisac, Perú

Wawa-Wasi acts in harmony with our ecosystem and helps the children understand and live the importance of respect and care for nature through experiential pedagogy and activities like gardening, how to deal with water, separation of waste, composting, recycling etc. It is all about treating this planet in a sustainable, respectful and responsible way and about not seeing oneself as a separate entity from earth but as a part of the whole.

Lourdes Lankinen, founder of Wawa-Wasi, has just been given the invitation to start building a new eco learning space very close to where Wawa-Wasi is active now! Mario, neighbor and expert for eco constructions would build the adobe house. Wawa-Wasi would need to prepay part of the construction. They wouldn't have to pay rent for the first couple of months. Then they could rent the space for years!

Mario is from this very part of Peru and knows how to build these traditional adobe houses! This is a very special opportunity for Wawa-Wasi. We invite you to spread the word and to contribute to the creation of this new eco learning space!

In the following week (7.-12.2.) we support Monica Rivas (originally from Venezuela) establishing her business successfully. She cooks and sells arepas, a typical Venezuelan corn dish. Budhare was founded when some of Monica’s friends and cousins tried her arepas during the lockdown in Peru and insisted that she should start a business selling them. She has now already been doing this for 8 months!

These arepas are prepared with regional corn and with organic vegetables from the sacred valley of the incas. Monica wants to pass on the culinary tradition of her Venezuelan forefathers in her new home Peru and offer her healthy, nutritious and delicious dishes. At the same time, it is her wish to establish a good economic basis for a happy and free life.

Mónica Rivas, Budhare, Urubamba, Perú

The economic situation in Peru and the fact that state measures are leading to a smaller demand of food sold on the markets have lead her to ask if the Earth Dinner movement would support her. Another two women are employed in the business Budhare. Right now, there isn’t much of an economic benefit for Monica because some major investments have been made in order to reach different markets in different villages. With our support we want to contribute to a good start for the Budhare. We wish that it will be a successful business and that these three women will have a good income! At the same time, by supporting Bhudare, we support the production of organic and regional product and the consumption of healthy food in Peru!

Another beautiful initiative that we’re supporting for the first time is Sumak Kawsay (22.-28.2.), in Peru. Ysabel Calderón was dreaming of helping to stop hunger in her home country. So she had the idea to plant fruit trees in order to create space and nutrition for bees! Sumak Kawsay also wants to support small farmers to have some income by selling fruits. Sumak Kawsay sells honey and seeds from pesticide-free forests and trees in order to maintain their project. By supporting this project, we showYsabel how much we appreciate this important initiative!

Below you can find the numbers of the month of January 2021:

We wish you a meaningful and joyful month of February! All the best, Philipp from the association Seeds of Solidarity Photos: Wawa Wasi and Monica Rivas


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