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Nourishing from a space of abundance

Earth Dinner Newsletter October 2020 Thank you for the support you have given to our projects in the month of September! Again we have been able to support human beings and initiatives and are thus contributing to small beautiful changes on this planet! This month, we are supporting the project Tartaru in Marau, Brasil for the first time. This NGO has the goal to protect sea turtles and to raise awareness about how to act on beaches and how to protect sea turtles. They are also very active in schools. Right now, with most of the people in Brasil still being in quarantine, we are supporting the volunteers of Tartaru so they can keep doing their precious work! The money will go to them, for their basic needs. Like this, they don't need to abandon their work protecting turtles in order to survive. We've all seen sea turtles. They remind us of ancient times, of ancient wisdom. They carry the wisdom of the oceans to the land and give back the messages of the land to the oceans. Let's collectively support these beautiful animals and by doing so also contribute to a diverse and healthy ecosystem on this planet!

Ruruchay - Peru We are also for the very first time supporting the amazing initiative „Ruruchay – Birth House“, in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Peruvian women used to give birth according to their indigenous, traditional wisdom. It was very difficult for Peruvian women to adapt to giving birth in hospitals, away from their sisters and their families. Ruro, an inspiring woman, midwife and traditional dhoula, is starting to manifest her dream: To build a village for women to give birth in a natural, loving atmosphere, where both traditional dhoulas and western-medicine midwives will be present. Peruvian women and women from all over the world will be able to give birth in this place, that will ensure that the birth process can be lived as something sacred, natural, safe and ancestral! Ruruchay will also be a learning center for women all over the world to learn the ancestral knowledge and wisdom of traditional birth assistants! Many women prefer to give birth in hospitals. Others would love to give birth in a natural setting! At the moment there aren't many possibilites for this natural option. Let's contribute to this beautiful birth village that is going to change many women's and many little babies' lives! We all know how much of an impact the birth process has for these little creatures and for the rest of their lives!

You can find out more details about the projects we are supporting this month and also links to their homepages on: Thank you for being part of the heart initiative Earth Dinner. We know that each and every one's small, conscious decisions can change the world! Have a wonderful month! Philipp Sudi from the Association Seeds of Solidarity, Austria


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