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Newsletter ~ September 2022

Dear ones!

It's nice to write you a few lines again 😊 I have just finished a touching journey through the projects of the month of September. Diving into different lives, visions, destinies, wishes, hopes. I am happy to be part of Earth Prayers and to be able to move positive things and nurture light together with you month after month ❤️.

Once again, I want to share in detail about the people who are coming forward with their stories, their work, the point they are at right now. Showing themselves, asking for support. I want to give an insight into diversity, into other ways of life, circumstances that are sometimes unimaginable for us, as well as wonderful ideas and goals. To offer inspiration for what is possible.

I hope to be able to create a moving journey for you too with this letter ~ from the edge of Leechwald out into the world 🌿

🌞 5-11.9 * Unfolding for children * School fees for Rose Hope ~ Nairobi, Kenya ❤️


Under this title, Naomi from Nairobi wrote us a long, upsetting letter. Philipp met Naomi during his trip to Africa.

She reports that earlier this year, during a church service, a request came for prayer for a member who had been hit by a train.

"The church support group was planning to visit the children of the injured woman. I volunteered to be part of the team. That's when I realised how needy this family was. It was discovered that the family did not have enough food as well as gas for cooking and was behind on the rent for the room they were staying in. We found the husband walking on crutches and sharing a single room with his five children. His sleeping area was separated from the children's sleeping area and the cooking area by pieces of cloth that served as curtains. During this visit, the father told them that 14-year-old Hope had passed the National Standard Examination and was therefore to attend secondary school. Hope was admitted to a day school that was not close to the family's home. She had to commute every day with no mother at home to look after her and no guarantee of enough food. I took it upon myself to enrol her in a boarding school and find benefactors to help with the necessary fees and shopping. The mother is now back in hospital. After her first stay, she had to spend 2 weeks in detention because she could not afford the hospital money. Now the family is trying to pay it off in instalments. All this has prompted me to speak to Philip and ask for financial help to keep Hope in school."

Our dear Earth Prayers treasurer Eva has already donated €300 in May to offset last year's debt money and to advance something for the current school year. In addition to school fees, Hope needs transport during the school holidays, as well as some books not provided by the school, soap, toothpaste and sanitary towels.

There are tragic fates in this world where it is often not easy to look. And then there are coincidences, like the church support group that became aware of the family and Naomi's meeting with Philip and Earth Prayers. Together, let's help make this family's life a little bit easier and support Hope on her journey of hope. THANK YOU ❤️


🌞 12.-18.9. * Holistic Health * Herb Manufacture ~ Styria, Austria ❤️

The second project of the month encompasses the innovative, light-filled work of a young, Austrian team.

Peter and Michael have founded the "Krautmanufaktur". In this small, agricultural business in eastern Styria, they grow hemp and process it into valuable food and medicinal products for humans and animals.

They are committed to sustainable and organic farming and to educating people about hemp.

"Our plants grow on a small farm, completely without the use of fertilisers and hormones. They are planted, harvested and processed by hand. Due to the special care taken in handling the plants, the flowers retain their precious trichomes, for example, which are often lost in conventional processing.

Our passion for sustainable cultivation is reflected in the quality of our products. From the root to the top flower, every part of the plant is utilised in our company."

The work of these two is infused with a great deal of dedication and sensitivity. We at Earth Prayers are very happy about this project. Especially in these times, it is all the more valuable when cultivation and processing take place regionally and traditional, natural production processes in harmony with nature find their way back in.

Krautmanufaktur products can be found in selected farm shops as well as at farmers' markets and via online platforms.

"In addition, we are always looking for more collaborations with local farmers and businesses in the region who share our philosophy of sustainable cultivation."

We are heartily happy to be able to support this wonderful project of our homeland and are grateful for the courageous, forward-looking work of the two men! At the moment, we need to raise money so that the two men can make themselves even more visible, e.g. by designing a folder. 🌞


🌞 19-25.9 * Heart's Desires * Finca Kuruksetra, kitchen repair ~ Ecuador ❤️

"Christian grew up here. I met him in 2018 and fell in love with him and his vision for sustainable living."

In 2012, Christian started creating a space dedicated to a different way of living in the jungle behind his parents' house. He was out of touch with the fast-paced life that has become the norm in many parts of the world. He was looking for a conscious life that promoted harmony between man and nature.

The finca covers 8 hectares of jungle filled with cacao, yucca, banana, avocado, papaya, coffee and other tropical fruit trees.

Charlotte & Christian have been able to build a lot ~ together with volunteers from all over the world they have created building structures out of bamboo and wood, mostly from their own garden. There are composting toilets, rainwater treatment, seed multiplication and much more.

Since for the two of them the cultural aspect also plays a major role in sustainable living, they are committed to lively exchange and events. Their community work is intended to create real connections and integrate cross-generational, creative solutions to problems into everyday life.

Their most important project is the volunteer programme.

"We host travellers from all over the world at the Finca. They find a return to basics with us, experience community and learn traditional farming methods. In return, they help us maintain and expand the finca, bringing their own special personal skills to the table. The hope is that by starting small and living consciously on the finca, we will create environmental and cultural awareness in our neighbourhood and hopefully beyond."

Long-term goals involve projects with local children and youth, as well as working with an orphanage. One of Charlotte & Christian's dream projects is "empowerment through chocolate".

"We want to teach the children how to process the cocoa that grows in this region into chocolate bars and sell them. We want to teach a valuable craft and small business all in one."

Right now, we at Earth Prayers are able to help repair the kitchen, which was attacked by termites, with around $400.

The kitchen is the heart of the finca, where everyone comes together to eat and socialise ❤️

Further down the line, we would be happy to join you in bringing the orphanage project to fruition.

Let's see what we can achieve together! ❤️

🌿 To the Earth Prayers team:

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask for help. We are so inspired and moved by what you are doing for people around the world. I can only imagine what the world would look like if there were more organisations like yours." Charlotte


🌞 26.9.- 2.10. * Free Seeds * Jaguar Siembra, Nursery ~ Colombia ❤️

In the last week of September, our trip goes to Colombia. We would like to support the Jaguar Siembra Nature & Culture Association, which works to preserve the country's nature and traditional wisdom. Among other things, forest gardens are created with the local Arhuaco community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This ranges from collecting the seeds and raising them in their own nurseries to planting the seedlings and caring for them until they are viable.

The founder of this project Jaguar Siembra-Santi now lives in Vienna. He and his partner Tina sent us the following lines:

"We would like to thank you for the great opportunity regarding your funding and for the work you are doing :)

We will start sowing in September and hope for your support as this year has been very difficult for us to fund. 100% of the funding would go directly to the families we support and help them sow several thousand trees.

The whole team looks forward to hearing from you and we wish you a sunny week!"

We gladly accept this kind invitation and invite you to browse through the association's great website: 🌞


Now I would like to present you the overview of our contributions in the month of August 🌞


From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a month of transition from summer to autumn blessed with delight and warmth 🌞

All the love in the name of the Earth Prayers Team

and a big THANK YOU for being there! ❤️

Sandra Shalamun


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