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Newsletter ~ November 2022

Dear ones! 🌞

I am writing to you in a window of time when even our ancestors celebrated special festivals. In the time when nature withdraws its fruits, the trees become bare and the fog roams through the countryside again. Even today, at the beginning of November, we remember our ancestors. The people who went their ways before us and prepared many things for us. We thank them for their experiences and ask for their accompaniment and support from the spiritual world.

Likewise in this time with the Celts the turn of the year was celebrated. It was consciously immersed in a dark interim period, which finds its climax about two moons later in the Raunächten, where the light is reborn.

In India, Diwali was celebrated a few days ago ~ the Hindu turn of the year, a festival of lights similar to our Christmas. Not only is the light of the outer world celebrated, but also the light within. Man is to remember that he is a divine being, full of luminosity and fire of life.


In keeping with this, there is a beautiful initiative this month that we would like to invite you to!

From 11/11 to 11/22, the "Sacred Infinite Fire Festival" will take place.

"The ancient peoples of the earth are bringing us together to carry Mother Earth and humanity in her rebirth with our prayers."

Many sacred fires in different cultures around the world will burn. Fire as a source of community. There is the opportunity via online presence to attend fire rituals with wisdom keepers each day and experience knowledge, transformation and connection. Those who feel the call can light a fire themselves as a fire keeper and invite others to join.

In Austria there will be powerful fires in several places ~ if you have questions about this you can contact Christina, she is in the organizing team and will create a beautiful fire ritual in St. Radegund on 11/12. ~ 0660/7349314

A very remarkable light keeper in Graz is our wonderful Elder Anamika. For many years she has been holding a puja (Indian fire ceremony) almost daily in her enchanting Babaji House on the Ries! Full of devotion and love she dedicates herself to this ritual. It is highly recommended to attend a fire with Anamika. If you are interested, you can reach her by text message (please do not call!) at 0660/6863694 or by e-mail at She is also active in the course of the festival!


Here is the website for the festival:

Sacred Infinite Fire Festival 2022


So here we go with our November projects!

🌞 Nov. 7-13 * Heart's Desires * José Grimberg, House Construction ~ Venezuela ❤️

José Grimberg is one of the young people who decided to leave the city behind and create a life in harmony with nature. He has acquired knowledge and experience in organic food cultivation by working on different farms and bought his own hectare of land in 2021. He approached us in the spring with a request to help him build his house. At that time, he had already been living in a tent on his property for a year. Now it is winter time there ~

"Time of rain, time of sowing, a lot of work", José writes to us.

He has meanwhile moved his tent under the wooden structure of the roof, "where it is a bit drier".

For the roof itself, however, the money collected has unfortunately not been enough, it is only half finished.

"If there is a possibility for further support, that would be wonderful. Right now I'm on standby because I can't afford the more wood boards. Shingles are all there. Hugs and love to all Earth Prayers people!"

Let's help together and make it possible for José to finally realize his own roof over his head. And from this so important base, his further dreams of living in nature.

🌞 11/14-20/11 * Free Seeds * Michael Edan, "Ateker" ~ Kenya ❤️

Michael Edan has begun to build agriculture for his Turkana people to sustainably counteract famine caused by drought. Much has already been achieved ~ green areas have been planted, own vegetables have been grown and water tanks, whose pumps are powered by solar panels, now guarantee the water supply.

Michael sent us photos of the July harvest and the nice news that thanks to the tanks they were even able to supply water to the neighbors' animals sometimes, despite the drought (see photo below 🙂❤️).

~ "Pure blessings from you, Earth Prayers!"

Now, more structures are to be created so that more tomatoes can be grown. We want to continue to support what Michael is doing, which is so important!

🌞 21-27 Nov * Sustainable Agriculture * Tanja Lederer, "Nature Compass" ~ Austria ❤️

We are very happy to see more and more wonderful projects coming our way from our home country.

This time we would like to support Tanja Lederer from Puch near Weiz in her very spirited, forward-looking project. The young mother was a lone fighter for a long time, following an inner vision ~ the sustainable, self-sufficient life as a self-supporter. She lives on a 7000m² large property, with still 1ha forest. Too much for a single person.

"I was about to give up and move on with my son.

NO! TANJA, FIGHT, DON'T GIVE UP! KEEP GOING! ... I got it shot in like a bolt of lightning, several times, every day.... OK! I don't give up and I know that I am guided and protected from above. For a long time I sat there and thought about what I could do.... There were still my dreams, visions and goals that I had at that time with this house and place.... They are still there! I can't do it alone, besides work, child, house, animals and also the land to manage.I need support. Maybe there are others out there with the same vision? How would it be to build something together, to create, to enjoy it together, to enjoy nature and to learn from each other? Soon the right people came along. Nature Compass was born!"

Forming through an association, the community's goal is to grow their own food ~ in symbiosis with the elements and using permaculture. There will be vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs. The herbs will be processed into remedies such as ointments, teas and tinctures according to Hildegard von Bingen's recipes. In addition, an area of tranquility will be designed, which will be freely available for all contributors. It is also important for Tanja that the knowledge is passed on to the children in the form of a nature school.

Now it is about financing the costs for an excavator to dig a hole for an earth cellar and to prepare area for two ponds. We would like to support this and look forward to accompanying the work of Naturkompass!

🌞 11/28-12/4 * Nature & Culture * "Base", Center for Art, Nature & Yoga ~ India ❤️

Angie and her partner Sriram live a beautiful project in India. They have created a small oasis there where they want to open up to visitors the value of nature and medicinal plants as well as music, poetry and yoga as a way of life. First and foremost, Angie and Sriram care about preserving nature. They have planted 300 rare trees and plants on their land to protect, preserve and heighten the senses of it.

"We consider the conservation of every piece of land on our planet important. We care about reclaiming forest cover, keeping waterways clear, and keeping man-made things to a minimum."

Their wish for Earth Prayers is to support the purchase of signs for all varieties of plants and trees to make knowledge of them more accessible to the public. Another project will be to plant a garden of rare, native medicinal herbs to be shared with Ayurvedic doctors.

We are excited about this beautiful work and invite you to join us in pouring energy and abundance into this project!

Here is the link to Base's website:


We were able to get these posts up together in October!


Last but not least, for those who love Philipp's music ~ since he'll soon be traveling to Africa for an extended, indefinite period of time, he's going to be releasing this

🌿 Saturday, the 5.11. at 6 pm at Anamika in the Babaji House in Graz 🌿

still give a farewell concert. He is happy if many people are with him on this special evening! It will be a powerful journey with healing music about deep connection with Mother Earth, our hearts and the humanity family. Registration with Philipp requested! ~ 0664/4678822

I wish you a joyful time of darkness and light, fire, gratitude, connection, sensuality, contentment. Maybe we will see each other at the concert or one or the other fire 😊

All the love,


🌞 Here you can find a beautiful new video from Philipp:

Philipp Ham Kuman - The Dance of Humanity (Official Video)

The Dance of Humanity (432 Hz) 🙏🏽 One Tribe 🙏🏽 Lyrics and music: Philipp Ham Kuman Video: Rowin Recording and mixing: André Lehner Mastering: Christian Bachner The tribe: Anna, Christian, Yuma, Yaro, Peninah, Lashame, Christina, Benjamin, Raffael, Babs, Max, Christine, Romana, Oliver, Barbara, Gabi, Maria ...


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