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Newsletter March Marzo Maerz 2020

Newsletter March 2020

In February; just like we do every single month, we supported a precious project every week: By inverting our consumption we make small changes in the material world as well as within our own consciousness!

More and more, we become aware of the fact that our consumption habits not only have a direct effect on ourselves but also on human beings; plants and animals on the other side of our planet.

The Earth Dinner movement offers us a tool in order to get together in a community and invert our force of consumption, in order to support sustainable projects all over the world in 7 earth topics. Thank you so much to all of you who are interested or participating in this movement!

In March we start out with the project: Reforestaion and work in the area of awareness through the Peruvian NGO Quechua School:

This week, we'll send 100 percent of the support to Peru: There, very precious work is being done, in two ways.

Work with consiousness about the importance of reforestation a traves de arboles originarios;

The Planting of 200 trees directly through the school kids of Colca:

Every tree costs 1,36 Euros!

Less consumpion -more trees!

The time schedule for this project:

Start: June 2020

1) Construction of fence so that trees will be safe from lamas, horses, sheep or alpacas