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Newsletter June 2020

Dear Earth Dinner family,

Thank you for your interest and your support in the month of May! In June we will support five special initiatives. Below you can find the numbers of the last month and the projects of the coming month!

We are for the first time supporting a heart-warming initiative in the holy valley “El valle Sagrado” in the Andes, Peru: The Sanctuary of the Bees. This is why we present you this initiative in detail. (For more information on this month's other 4 projects please visit our webpage Philipp had the opportunity to get to know this beautiful project in Peru!

In the “Sanctuary of the Bees”, Alicia Arribas Moyano und Federica Frenda look after the welfare of bees in 18 beehives. They consider it their mission to help these bees regain their strength, in this way making a huge contribution to the preservation of plant and animal diversity as well as food security.

Respect, nutrition, space, peace, and spirituality are especially important to Alicia and Federica while handling the bees. In recent years, enormous numbers of bees across the world have been suddenly dying. Monocultures, agrotoxicals, habitat loss and exploitation of bees in apiculture have led to this.

The money we save by abstaining from unnecessary consumerism that we donate to this project on the Earth Dinner platform will be used to arrange for more beehives, which will be either bought or handmade by a local carpenter!

The work in the Sanctuary of the Bees also involves generating awareness in schools about the importance of the bees. Children also have the opportunity to visit the sanctuary to directly discover the wisdom and messages of the bees! In many places, bees have always been known as intermediaries between life and death. Moreover, they inspire the possibilities of coming together as a community and working with love and solidarity.Since 2017, Alicia und Federica also organise women's circles in the Sanctuary of the Bees. The production of natural medicine as well as cosmetics represents yet another area of work. With the money generated from all these areas, Alicia und Federica are able to earn a minimal income. Since they want to strengthen the bees, they take neither royal bee jelly nor pollen grains. Honey is only taken when a minimum amount is available for the beehives.

Another detail: currently, the sanctuary of the bees lies in a wonderful rented 8000 m2 plot of land. Anyone with a lot of resources who wants to use them meaningfully is welcome to buy the land for around 200,000 Dollars, so that the heart-warming work of Alicia und Federica in Valle Sagrado can develop strong roots. This would be an earth-shaking deed! Facebook: Each of us has resources – every cent counts – and many of us have more abundance in our lives than we realise. It is within YOU and ME that the power lies...the power to redirect the resources spent on wasteful consumerism and invest them in activities that uplift the planet and in turn, preserve our own well-being. Let's come together and support the legacy of the bees as well as Alicia and Federica’s vision. There is no better time than now! ❤️

Have a wonderful week and a purposeful month!

Your Earth Dinner Team ❤️


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