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Newsletter February Febrero Februar 2020

Newsletter February 2020

Picture of the project of the month: Family in the Andes of Venezuela that is constructing a plant nursery and a greenhouse. They are very thankful for our support!

During the first week of February we are going to support a project that we already know: The construction of Praying Houses by the indigenous tribe of the Guarani Kaiowa in Brasil. “The empowered woman“: during the following week the fight against female genital mutilation will be supported. This NGO has been doing precious work in this field for years now; especially by raising awareness about this cruel topic in Guinea Bissau. They manage to also enter in contact with muslim imams and raise awareness about the fact that this practice doesn't go aling in any way with the teachings of the Koran.

“Children with future”: La elefanta rodante is a project tha we are supporting three times in this earth topic. They offer ways of and spaces of playing for children of poor areas of Buenos Aires. At first they did a workshop about the importance of playing for educators and parents of the neighbourhood La Carcova. The second step is to make games and toys out of recycled materials with the children. The third step will be to create a Game Library in this neigborhood where the games and toys will be inviting the local children to play!

“Holistic health”: In the last week of the month the training and the salary for health assistants in remote areas of Guatemala will be supported.These health assistants are educated especially in the area of traditional herbs.

Our projects are chosen very carefuly and 100 percent of your donations are passed on to the project of the week. Thank you all very much for helping to sow seeds of solidarity and for this way changing the world a little bit!