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Newsletter August 2020

Thank you from the heart for your support in the month of July! Together, we were able to support initiatives in Brasil, Morocco, Guinea-Bissau and Peru! Trees will be planted, women will empower themselves through creativity, children will learn freely, also about permaculture and female genital mutilaion hopefully will belong to the past soon! In August we’ll support the following five projects. Our consciousness of consumption will enable us to sow seesds of humanity and of solidarity in four countries again! Small Farmers‘ Family – Venezuela – Letting the heart speak Navdanya – India – Seed Freedom Sowing and Harvest – Sierra Leone – sustainable agriculture Guarani – Kaiowa – Brasil – indigenous People Comfio – Brasil – the empowered woman Through our partner organization Entwicklungshilfeklub we will support a project in Sierra Leona fort he first time. Here some information given by the Entwicklungshilfeklub. – Starter’s packages with seeds Every family receives a starter’s package with little banana and pineapple plants and local seeds with different kinds of grains, vegetables and tuber plants. With these healthy starting materials the families can then in the following years generate their own seeds! – Efficient agricultural techniques The small farmers learn about ecological ways of farming in trainings. They learn how to farm without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and can thus contribute to more fertility and protect soil from erosion and toxical substances!

The beauty of the Earth Dinner initiative ist that we give ourselves a huge reward for dealing with our ressources in a more conscious way: The insmense joy of empowering precious projects and people! We wish you a wonderful month of August! Philipp from the Earth Dinner Team Pictures of the production of brown sugar cane blocks in Venezuela! This is our project oft he month! The family Medina also sent us a video explaining us about their work and how we can support them!!


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