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Newsletter April 2020 English

Everything changes...

RIP Mr. Nehberg

New project partner: Weltweitwandern Wirkt!

These are times of big changes. We hope you are physically and also emotionally well. In these times it is especially important to remain centered to live with open eyes and an open heart.

The earth will keep on spinning and solidarity, humanity and friendliness towards our Mother Earth and humankind are becoming more and more crucial.

Along these lines we also open our hearts this month every week for a precious, sustainable project on this planet and support this project using the value of an act of consumption that we joyfully decide not to do.

A very beautiful result of last month: We were going to support Quechua school in Peru with the money for planting 200 autoctonous trees. 272 Euros were neede for this goal.We reached 321,50 Euros! The Quechua school has now commited to want to plant 2200 trees this year! This is why we keep this wonderful project on our agenda for the next couple of cycles so we can support them reforesting the Andes! It's school children who are going to do this work in the month of November, which is the best time for planting trees. Before that, they will go through a workshop explaining them why it is so imortant to reforest the Andes! Here the numbers of the last month and afterwards the introduction of the projects of the month of April.

The empowered Woman“: In the project that is being supported this week the issue is feminine genital mutilation. Mister Nehberg has been fighting in this areas for decades and has had a lot of success in Guinea Bissau! Through information and a campaign with the local imams the population finds out that these practices are not legal and don't go along with the Islam. Since most people are muslim this has a huge positive impact on the female population! Mr.Nehberg passed away a few days ago. He was a man of action and a man of an enormous heart! He leaves beautiful initiatives and a lot of grattitude for these heart projects that will keep spreading his consciousness and his love por Mother Earth and humanity! Thank you beautiful human being! Read more on their homepage!

Children with future:” Campus Vivant’e in the Moroccan Atlas mountain range in collaboration with Weltweitwandern Wirkt

For the first time the Earth Dinner movement is supporting this wonderful and sustainable school project in the area of “children with future”. Weltweitwandern Wirkt is the main sponsor of this project.

We want to let you know in a few sentences why we’ve decided to support this project in the coming cycles of “children with future”.

In this public, but free school, the children are accompanied in a very individual, creative, regional and at the same time cosmopolitan way. (Following the Swiss schooling modrl Scuola Vivante) The regional Berber culture is part of the curriculum just like foreign languages, crafts and permaculture!

The children experience the importance and sustainability of ecological agriculture, they learn how to multiply seeds, how to decrease floods through building terraces, planting trees and creating green drainage systems and pass these skills on to their families.

This is Mohammed talking about his experiences at the Campus Vivant'e. The interview is in German but the pictures speak for themselves.

Letting the heart speak”: Reforestation and raising awareness about the importance of reforestation in the Peruvian Andes around the little village of Colca through the Peruvian NGO Quechua school. The school children learn, become more conscious of the importance of these trees and will plant them themselves!

Holistic Health”: Here the education and the salary of health assistants is supported through our project partner from Vienna, Austria, Entwicklungshilfeklub. These women specialize on assisting with knowledge about ancestral, traditional herbal medicine and also on easy allopathic assistance. Like this people who live far away from hospitals can be supported and only the more severe cases have to take on the very long trip to the next hospital.

Seed Freedom“: The last week of April is dedicated to Navdanya. For years the seed, women's rights and environmental activist Vandana Shiva has been active and fighting for maintaining the biological diversity of seeds, for the rights of small Indian farmers, especially women. Through this NGO hundreds of seed banks have been created all over India. We're always very happy to support this important work!

Thank you very much for your presence! We wish you health, happiness and trust in the future, open eyes and an open heart!

Your Earth Dinner tream

(Spreading welcome ❤️)

In the picture you can see the Guarani Kaiowa doing a traditional dance. They have given us thanks for supporting them regularly/

please watch their video!


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