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July 2020

Photos: Project Comfio Brasil

Earth Dinner Newsletter July 2020

Last month has been a month of a lot of support for the Sanctuary of the Bees in Peru! Never before have so many people supported one of our projects! Federica and Alicia are very thankful and touched by all of your support and will keep us updated about how they were able to use this money in order to get further bee hives! May bees flourish again and may human beings support and nourish them more and more, like Alicia and Federica are doing it in the Sacred Valley in Peru!

This month we present you two new projects! The first one is Comfio:

This wonderful project takes us to Caubi, Bahia in Brazil. Most of the people living in this part of Brazil have African roots. Their ancestors were brought there as slaves. And in many places, it is until today totally evident, that the descendents of the slaves are still facing difficulties, mainly on the economic front.

The project Comfio has a very clear goal: the self-empowerment of women through the imparting of skills in sewing and embroidery. This is a space of creation and moreover, a place where women can reconnect with themselves as well as with the circle of women that emerges.

A space is born, where women can safely and in confidence connect with their own inner being and heart -- through the process of creation. In this way, they can find the power and stimulus to bring more freedom, awareness and abundance into their lives!

These women have already learned and experienced a lot together. As a result of their new skills, some of them now have new goals and dreams. The products have already been sold, which allows the women to feel much more relaxed and free!

How the Earth Dinner movement is going to contribute:

Currently, they are using a traditional sewing machine. A part of the sewing work is done by others, since the women don’t yet have overlock machines. With the support of the Earth Dinner movement, we aim to finance an overlock machine (3000 Brazilian Reais, 550 Euros), so that the women and youngsters of the project Comfio can feel even more self empowered and free in their creation!

A touching project that has already brought many sweet fruits. A project that wants to and will continue to grow and succeed! Together, let’s support these women with awareness of consumption, empathy and joy of playing a role in making the planet a better place!

The second new project takes us to the Andes of Venezuela. There we are going to support the Medina Family in a little village of the Venezuelan Andes close to La Azulita. They turn sugar cane into brown sugar cubes (so called panela). This implies a lot of work and a lot of wood in order to heat the sugar and turn it into panela. They are doing this work for the farmers in the area. They need to do some improvements so they don't need quite as much wood and they also want to change part of the system that uses diesel to electricity. We support them to become a little more efficient and to thus continue to help this region to be productive and self-reliant! Venezuela really needs dedicated farmers that treat the earth well and that can provide the Venezuelan people with high quality regional food!

Underneath you can find the results of last week's supported projects and names of the projects that will be support in the month of July! For information about all of this month's projects please go to our website:

Have a wonderful month! Thank you for your interest and maybe even your participation! Remember! It's not really about the amount of money that you contribute but rather about the conscious choice and decision to redirect the value of an unnecessary act of consumption to a project that makes a difference!

All the best and enjoy being part of the changes that you dream of!

Your Earth Dinner Team


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