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Earth Prayers ~ June 2022

Dear Ones!

It is almost unbelievable that with this month we are already approaching the midsummer and the second half of the year. Time is rushing by, at a rapid pace - many things are moving, moving us, moving the world.

Yes - it is earth-shattering how many great communities and projects, be it in the field of alternative agriculture, free learning, economy of the common good, holistic health .... are just emerging, how many great people are networking and joining forces. And we are right in the middle of it! Our being, our doing moves the world!

And with the midsummer a zenith is reached - we are now in the brightest time of the year, the days are still getting longer, the nights still shorter, full light power ahead!

A time of liveliness, fertility and expansion, which everyone can use for themselves and their heart dreams.

This is how we are experiencing it right now at Earth Prayers ❤️ Through our special appeal for Peninah, we were able to raise an additional fabulous 2,300 Euros for the Samburu! What a great amount! What is possible and feasible for Peninah's people with that, we can not imagine! ❤️ We are still deeply touched and want to send a big, moved THANK YOU out into the world!

It's so nice to see the community that IS THERE and how quickly we can get such help helping together. This encourages us even more in what we are doing and makes our hearts beat faster ❤️

This is where you find an overview of the support for the projects of the month of May 🌞


And now I invite you again to a colorful journey ~ to our June projects! 😊

☀️ 5/30 - 6/5 * Unfolding for Children * Dental Hygiene and School Project ~ Guatemala ❤️

Support for this great project to provide toothbrushing supplies, school paraphernalia and holistic education for indigenous Quechi children is ongoing until Sunday. Like experiencing what healthy food means, how food is grown in gardens or how chickens are kept. We are happy about this movement and meaningful help for self-help!


☀️ 6.6. - 12.6. * Holistic Health * Children's and Youth Symphony Orchestra ~ Peru ❤️

We regularly support this so deeply touching project in Urubamba, in the Andes of Peru, where learning to play instruments and being part of a choir and orchestra is made possible for children and young people. The healing power of singing and making music is to be made accessible to as many children as possible. The initiators work tirelessly for this wonderful project and we are happy to contribute to it!


☀️ 6/13 - 6/19 * Heart's Desires * Suankar Molina, Self-Realization and Journey Home ~ Argentina ❤️

At the age of 11, Suankar (this name means "light bringer" in Sanskrit) emigrated to Argentina with his mom. Now, 10 years later, he wants to travel back to Venezuela by bicycle to see his father again and work with permaculture there. On this journey he wants to meet himself and find his mental and physical balance.

"On this journey into the unknown, accompanied by a friend, we want to show ourselves through our artistic gifts. In the last 4 years I have taken responsibility and acquired the discipline necessary to train as a self-taught artist, mainly in the fields of illustration, graphic design, tattoo and mural painting.

At 21 years old, I now have the confidence to call myself a visual artist. I want to expand my being in all its levels and dimensions and share everything I have learned with those who are ready to receive it, to develop myself and accompany the development of others."

It was important to Suankar to fulfill these requirements "in order to embark on a more fluid and lighter journey where enjoying, loving and being happy will be my main mottos. Respect to be respected. Helping in order to receive help. Giving others the best of my being without expecting anything in return. Thanking the Universe and asking it to be healthy, full of energy, and with the tools necessary to fulfill my goals."