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Earth Prayers ~ July 2022

Dear ones! ☀️

It's nice to have arrived in the blossoming, lush, warm summertime ❤️

We thank you for our joint work, which is bearing such beautiful fruit!

Two messages have reached us from Venezuela. María Teresa and her family as well as young José Grimberg were able to make valuable investments for the completion of their houses thanks to our support.

Among other things, shingles for the roofs, a used chain saw and petrol were bought. The joy on both sides is great and work is being done eagerly 🙂

A message from María Teresa to us:

"Thank you for all these droplets of love that have filled a lake that now brings us together as what we are: A family 🤗 Thanks to Earth Prayers, step by step the dream is becoming a reality."

And José writes:

"THANK YOU to the whole Earth Prayers team for supporting me on the way to making my mountain lodge a reality, bringing me ever closer to my dream of independence and self-sufficiency in the countryside."

We are heartily happy about this success! Seeing the joy and relief of the materials makes us look humbly at the abundance we are privileged to live in here with us ❤️

David, one of his children and José Grimberg


☀️ 4-10.7 * Nature & Culture * Sumak Kawsay, Forest Garden & Beekeeping ~ Peru ❤️

"Sumak Kawsay" is the Quechua term for "the good life" or "being in harmony with nature". With this enterprise, Ysabel Calderón works to restore ecosystems in her home country of Peru. Her concern is to bring back native tree species through reforestation and to create a natural environment for bees and other pollinators. Money is currently being collected to finance a tree nursery and a forest garden in the mountains, as well as for the construction of more bee houses. There is still a lot missing for this courageous project and we want to continue to support Ysa!

You can read more about it here:


☀️ 11-17 July * The Empowered Woman * Ruruchay, House of Births ~ Peru ❤️

In the "Sacred Valley of the Incas", in the Andes of Peru, a deeply inspiring woman is realising her moving vision: Ruro is building a small village with 7 birth houses where indigenous women can give birth in a natural, loving atmosphere and experience their birth as sacred, safe and anestral. A place where traditional midwives and dhoulas are there with all their wisdom and pass it on to women from all over the world!

We have been supporting the courageous Ruro on her path for a long time.

Especially for indigenous women it was difficult to adapt to the conditions of giving birth in hospitals. Many would prefer to give birth in a natural environment, but in many places there is a lack of opportunities to do so. On top of that, it is not allowed to give birth outside of hospitals in Peru!

Ruro, herself a traditional doula and also a midwife trained in western medicine, is not intimidated by this ~step by step she is realising her dream!

Construction started at the end of April and we would like to update you with a little video we recently received.

You can also find more about Ruro's project here on the website under "Projects":


☀️ 18-24.7 * Unfolding for Children * Orchestra &Choir ~ Peru ❤️

This is another project that we have been supporting for some time.

The healing power of singing and making music is to be made accessible to as many children as possible in Urubamba, in the Andes of Peru. The initiators of the Children's and Youth Symphony Orchestra work tirelessly to enable the children to learn instruments and to be part of a choir and orchestra.

Our support helps to finance the lessons for the children! ❤️

Let's continue to help together for this deeply touching ministry!