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Acts of love create joy

A big thank you to all those who sowed seeds of solidarity and love with us in October! This month too, five wonderful projects await us. Every week, you have the possibility to, with an act of love, contribute to the project of the week with the value of money saved by skipping an act of consumption. Of course, you an also donate money without skipping an act of consumption ;-) We are especially delighted that we reached the goal for the project “Solar Dehidrator in Venezuela” and that Andrés und Mariana can begin to buy the necessary materials and build the equipment! 419 Dollars were necessary for that and together, we made it happen! This brings Andrés und Mariana one step closer to self-sufficiency . They will also be an example for others in the region and can hopefully inspire small farmers to build similar solar dehidrators!

We also sent 350€ to Peru, thus contributing to building of birth houses. We will continue to actively support this project in November! With our help, Maria in Caracas has also already been able to buy a mixer and we are supporting her once more to buy the first ingredients for the delicious desserts she will begin to sell! This month, we will for the first time support a wonderful reforestation project in the state of Córdoba, Argentinien. After a huge wildfire, Amatreya, a visionary community of 60 people, is dedicated to restoring the forest land — out of 400 Hectors protected by them, 330 Hectors have been destroyed by the fire. Moreover, they are preparing for the prevention of further fires and supporting the regeneration of the ecosystem. For that, they require the right equipment, hoses, saplings and much more. In the neighbouring country Brazil, we will for the first time be supporting a Community Seed Bank in Teresópolis! Every week, we nourish one wonderful project with money and our loving intention. We create a field of meaningfulness, generosity and joy! At the same time, by consuming just a little less, we can gift our only home, the Earth some much-needed time for self-healing and regeneration. We wish you all a positive, colourful autumn. We hope that you can take the time to cherish the magic of Mother Nature and just relax!

Photo: Ruruchay - Birth Houses Much love and enjoy sowing the seeds of solidarity! Philipp (from the organisation Seeds of Solidarity)


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